Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Intellectual pap

The New York Times is forcing me to come out of the closet: I am an intellectual.

Entry-level, no doubt. But, according to the NYT criteria, I am, nonetheless, an intellectual. There is no known cure. Nature or nurture, who cares?

How do I come to this shocking conclusion? While reading the Monday NYTimes article on YouTube for ideas (clearly an oxymoron), I came across a description of Arts and Letters Daily, as an offshoot of the Chronicle of Higher Education, seeking to serve intellectuals.

Well, hell. I've been reading Arts and Letters for years. I even have a link on this blog site. Ergo, I must be an intellectual.

Question:if I'm already out as an intellectual, must I also read the new venture? It is called Big Think. Every time I tried to go to the new site, my computer crashed. Clearly proving once again that I am an intellectual because I am smarter than this damn computer.

In conclusion, I offer earlier proof of my mental prowess. I attended an evening lecture at the University of Texas recently. The PhD speaker presented the Mexican version of the Alamo. Shocking, I tell you, shocking. John Wayne and Davy Crockett are spinning in their graves. Redundant, you say?

Later, I was describing my outrage to a long-time friend and I pointed out that I must be an intellectual. Why? Because I didn't hit the S.O.B. professor.

Truly an intelligent response, my friend observed.

I rest my case.


Ken Martin said...

This makes me think of something we use to say in Marine aviation: "Last week I couldn't spell hell-e-o-cop-ter pilot and now I are one." (Not me personally.) In your case, last week you couldn't spell in-tu-leck-tu-al and now you learn you are one.

Anonymous said...

George- I have always known that you are an intellectual individual.You graduated from the same school that I did. That must mean something about your intellect.
Happily you are not one to say that you are glad that you didn't have any toys that were smarter than you in relation to today's toys.
I know that you probably had Lincoln Logs.
( there is that darned apostrophe again).-------dash,dash-- Goose

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