Friday, February 22, 2008

Birds, bees, rubber dolls

Now comes worries that cholesterol-lowering statin drugs have cognitive side effects. Maybe Lipitor can make you stupid. Pause. So can Viagra.

Hurry, they say, switch from the old fashioned incandescent light bulb to the new spiral fluorescent bulbs. Save the planet. Use 25% of the energy and get 10 times more use. We did. But they failed to tell us that each of these new fangled thingies has a tiny bit of a dangerous toxin. Specifically, about five milligrams of mercury. Nearly 300 million of the new bulbs were sold last year. When the time comes, how do we throw them away? All those dots add up.

Election fever is epidemic this year (according to the NY Times):
--at Democratic caucuses in Maine, over-flow crowds meant they had to keep hauling pumpers out of the firehouse to accommodate the surge. In one town, the caucuses overlapped the dinner-theater crowd causing one man dressed as Rumpelstiltskin to stand before both crowds wearing a green coat, an elf hat, a tall staff and long pointy shoes. He's for Obama.
--in Wisconsin, so many people are talking politics at work that one office manager ordered the "suspension of debate" because the Republicans were feeling alienated and the Democrats couldn’t stop passing notes and giggling.

The following may be difficult for some to read: breast, testicles, cervix, colon and prostate. Now, pretend you are a doctor and your job is to touch these parts on strangers. Not easy, huh? Not easy for some doctors either. Some social restraints apply. So a surgeon at Northwestern University medical school has taken these matters into her own hands. She builds simulators so wannabe doctors can practice. Some items, she has to buy at sex shops. And, it seems lima beans are excellent facsimiles for tumor tissue. More here.


Jeff Hebert said...

For the first time ever, we had to stand in line to vote Democratic in Texas (outside of our time in Austin, of course). Now granted, the line was me, my wife, and just one other guy who happened to wander in at the same time, but still, this was early voting!

I hope the surge in primary voters we've seen across the US this year so far continues to the general election, it would be nice for civic duty to make a comeback. This article shows some of the turnout records broken in Democratic contests thus far. Pretty amazing.

Anonymous said...

I am only glad that the government has its hand into everything!! We have double flush toilets,HD television,those lovely twisted lightbulbs that can get you in trouble if you decide to throw them away,assault rifles that are no more than funny looking semi-auto guns for hunting,A 'wonderful' prescription drug program,cameras everywhere, a failing Social Security program caused by the congress taking the funds out of a 'lock box' and putting the funds in the general fund to be spent on whatever.
What would we do without the big thinkers in Washington.---- Goose

Anonymous said...

O.K. So what did my previous comment have to do with voter turnout??
Remember I'M OLD!!

The South Plainsman said...

Older than dirt, Goose. Like me and George!

I can tell you that people on the Left are very excited this year about mainly Obama, and turnout is very high. Everyone, even Republicans are talking about him. For the far Left, he is kind of a Messiah, and they will follow him just as some would the Pied Piper.

The rest are wondering what the Devil he means by "change." And "bi-partisanship." And hope for what?

The Devil, you see, is in the detais. Change to what? The answer to that question might be scarier than you would think. Or not.

Let us hope that the majority are not lemmings.

The South Plainsman said...

Like Goose, I'm old. Missed a key here and there. Sorry.

-- ArchGrafiX said...

Just a note about the energy-saving curly fluorescents: in a few years, light-emitting diode (LED) lights will be replacing incandescents AND the fluorescents. They will save even MORE energy because they don't waste any electricity producing heat. That also negates air conditioners having to take all that wasted heat out of the bulb-heated air. There are recycling programs so that NO compact fluorescents need go into landfills in the meantime. See Consumer Reports:

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