Saturday, February 23, 2008

Early vote numbers are astonishing

Want a non-partisan read about the Texas electorate before the March 4 primary? My old business partner and current editor of Texas Weekly has crunched early voting numbers without prefix or suffix. Ross is a political junkie with no dog in the hunt. He just can't help messing with your head. This is a peek at his work which is normally open only to paid subscribers:

It's Busy Out There

On the first three days four years ago, 52,226 people voted. On the first three days of early voting this year (Tuesday through Thursday), 238,866 showed up. And the vote patterns are changing, too, with urban counties outvoting border counties in the Democratic primary.
--Read on at Texas Weekly.

Now, for those of you prefer your red meat more partisan, try this good-bye site. You can post your own get-outta-town message to George W. You can also purchase T-shirts. Full disclosure: I get no kick-back other than grins.

Although I make no secret of my disgust of the current administration (they earned it), I welcome cross-fire from the loyal opposition. If you have a site you like, tout it here no matter whether it be Democrat, Republican or independent. Click on "opinion" just below. Have fun. Keep it clean.


Jeff Hebert said...

On the Democratic side, I know Obama's campaign has been pushing hard for its people to come out and vote early. I'm not sure as to why they're pushing that so hard, but I would suspect that they're hoping to get good media coverage of an advantage to help excite the more borderline voters.

I'm surprised a bit that the Republican numbers are also up, since that race is effectively over while the Democratic side is still very much unsettled, but the numbers are the numbers.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hebert probably knows that Repubs cross party lines to find the candidate they hate the most . daughter and eleven year old granddaughter and I went to the Obama rally at Reunion arena....The lines snaked all around the building up and down inside and outside the parking garage south of the building. We were there about ten am..and nearly two hours later had not made much headway....I had to leave to take my wife to the doctor but my other two made it for the speech...probably a thousand or more did not go inside..I wondered why they didn't have standing room on the floor which in the pictures was empty? All that to say I was amazed and pleased to see every facet of American life: White males, women, young people Hockaday school came in mass as did other high schools; African American males and females and youth; Asians, Hispanics rich and not so...It was the most exhilarating experience since JFK had 200,000 folks downtown to welcome him before he was killed. Barack seems to have hit the nerve like JFK did. Poor Hillary came to Dallas yesterday, a motorcycle police escort was killed when he crashed...She came back that afternoon to visit with the man's family. BUT Hillary did not schedule and major speech or appearance in Dallas...Why I wonder...Has she given up?


Anonymous said...

To bring you up to speed,you have to know the treachery of both parties,which you of all people ,do.
Many of the Republicans that I know are voting for the one on the Democratic side that they think will be easiest to beat.There are mixed feelings on that thinking. I personally think that in Texas Hillary would be easier to beat in the general election than Obama.Neither have much substance to their many eloquent speeches, but Obama has the appeal factor. Unfortunately
McCain is simply and plainly a glob of clay waiting for someone to mold him.That makes the Republican 'iffies' go over to the Democratic side hoping that things become easier in the general election.
Hillary definitely made some points yesterday when she postponed her Ft.Worth rally and went to console the widow of the police officer who was killed. That is definitely not to say that she did it for points. I absolutely think she went because she genuinely cared. None the less she did pick up points.
It's going to be very interesting to watch the whole political scene unfold in the national conventions.As Yogi used to say "It ain't over til it's over"

The South Plainsman said...

This has been and continues to be the most unusual election year in my memory. A lot of people on both sides of the political spectrum seem to be more energized this year, particularly the Democrats.

I think the Barack Obama has touched a chord with everyone. Most of us are really sick and tired of what has been going on in government in this country and this state. The promises of change that Obama articulates (very well) may not have a lot of meat on them, but I think that he has hit the target. Everyone wants a change. Most are quite dissatisfied. We are all looking for a candidate that will get it done.

Is that candidate out there anywhere? Ah, that is why we have election campaigns. We will see.

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