Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Grumble, snarl, gripe, complain

What’s the problem? A NY Times financial writer accused Wall Street dealmakers of BlackBerrying a letter around town. Am I the only person concerned that BlackBerry has become a verb? And with two capital B’s.

The Titanic was just a shrimp boat when compared with the behemoths of today’s cruise liners. Two biggies are coming soon from Royal Caribbean. The next world’s largest ship will be 1,181 feet from bow to stern. That’s nearly four football fields. And it seems like a long way to walk just to get out of the wind.

A Texas minister, wouldn’t you know it, has started some of the faithful across America believing that IH-35 from Laredo to Duluth fits the description of the holy highway found in Isaiah 35. Son, if you’ve driven it as many times as I have lately, you’ll come to think it looks more like Purgatory than Paradise. Especially the rush hour traffic in Dallas and Kansas City. That’s where I regularly commit blasphemy.

The Republicans have nearly ruined PBS. Gone are the days of Monty Python, Upstairs Downstairs, and the French Chef. Admit it – you rarely watch Antiques Roadshow any more. And that’s about the best of the programming remaining after eight years of Bush whacking. Pity.


Anonymous said...

The very first show they ruined was That Was The Week That Was. In the '70s.

The South Plainsman said...

They would have stopped whacking a long time ago if PBS has just gotten rid of Moyers. LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow! I had just decided to quit watching pbs because of the liberal slant.
I have regained hope however when I saw on World News Daily that a highly regarded psychiatist has determined that liberals are nutty.
Seems fair to me.-------Goose

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