Tuesday, February 19, 2008

JFK conspiracy nuts-start your engines

Without question, the Dallas district attorney did the right thing in opening a courthouse safe that held a trove of information on the JFK assassination.

The question is: why did the long line of DA’s over the past 40 years choose to keep the secrets locked up in the dark? Each knew of the stash.

Researchers need this stuff. History needs this stuff. The American people need this stuff. Because of the secrecy for decades, conspiracy nuts will take wing once more. Sigh.

What is it with law enforcement? Why this need to keep information only to themselves? Anal? Ha. That’s just half the description I would use in this case.

Warning: tout ahead.

Four of us wrote a book about our experiences as young reporters covering those four days for KRLD-TV in Dallas. Three of my co-authors knew Jack Ruby and had been to his strip joint. Wes Wise, who later was elected mayor of Dallas, even won a twist contest at the Carousel Club and his wife did not kill him. Still married, too.

I was too new to even know who Jack Ruby was or what he looked like. So, I didn’t know it was Ruby standing right next to me in the police basement just before he stepped out of the crowd and into history by firing one shot killing Lee Harvey Oswald. You’ve seen my film of the shooting on TV.

Go to Amazon and buy our book” “When the News Went Live." We wrote it for history.

And stay tuned.


George Phenix said...

Was I mistaken?

Bob Huffaker now claims he was never at Jack Ruby's club. Bill Mercer has not yet chimed in.

But we all know reporters lie!

The South Plainsman said...

Thought you would never post again!

Having been a prosecutor one day myself, I would say that the probability is that Mr. Wade put that stuff in a safe an promptly forgot it was there. There are probably lots of very interesting tidbits locked away in files and evidence lockers all over the country.

Loved the book. Don't you wish you were that age again, knowing what you know now?

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with the posts -- have the book, love it. And yes, the different paths we might have taken had we known then what we know now. But think of all the misadventures we'd miss! Thanks, George. Great post, as usual. -- Denise

Anonymous said...

when are you gentlemen going to have a book signing in Austin?

RickAHyatt said...

If you go to http://www.rickhyatt.freeservers.com, you will see various personal and public photographs complied, and come to understand that I was told in 1977 to go to ground with who the "Young Man with the rifle on the grassy knoll" had been determined. I'd been used to lure out spies, moles & assassins, and I can ascertain for you that Gary Condit was 15 in 1963. Even as I knew him, he excelled in beguiling others as a self-proclaimed "Intelligence Officer with political connections, etc." so to see the newest enhanced photo with him in a Dallas Police uniform in yellow shooting glasses doesn't faze me much. Who I believe the identity of the man beside him is, will surprise you.

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