Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Money talks

I've been enamored with wolves ever since I was a member of the Wolf Patrol in my first Boy Scout troup. They are magnificent creatures.
Oft maligned.

Recently a save-the-wolves group ran a full page advertisement in the NY Times protesting the Administration's new rules allowing western ranchers to shoot to kill. Those ads are very expensive, costing in the neighborhood of $150,000. Which makes me wonder – wouldn't that buy a lot of wolf food?

Next: The U.S. dollar is in free-fall, depreciating around 10 percent against the euro. Now comes news that NY liquor stores will accept payment in euros as well as dollars. If that's globalization, it's scary. Clink.

Speaking of money and the mortgage crisis, some 225 United States lenders who rolled the dice in the boom/bust cycle are gone. Say that again; 225 lenders have bailed out, skipped town, skulked away. Their crime? Greed.

Think about this: as Baby Boomers retire, they will cash in their stocks. Some prognosticators worry that will cause the market to bust. Doubtful. But rich Chinese are ready to buy. And will, unless we go to war with them. Neither solution works.

Enough of this. I've got to go find a bank with no ATM fees.

1 comment:

Sharon said...

That is interesting, the comparison of the cost of the ad to where else the money could have been spent. Habitat loss creates the problem for large wolf packs and the Dick Cheney's of the west aren't interested in complete food chains if their cattle and sheep are threatened. Can't blame them, tho. The ad is to raise awareness and that raises more money, I guess, in NYC and places of dense population. I send the adopt-a-wolf, turtle, owl, etc for most gifts now. A little over $3 of a $25 donation is spent on administration.

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