Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ralph Nader, unsafe at any age

He’s 74. He’s running for president as an independent – again. Even after two earlier, disastrous attempts at the top job, Nader is having another go.

Isn’t it enough that he helped give us George W. Bush as president? Now, he wants to give us John McCain.

Know what I think? I think Nader needs to get in touch with his Inner Geezer. Like many aging warriors, he’s trying to prove he still has a stinger. The need to still wear a badge, to still have clout, to spill testosterone – that need dies hard in some men.

Hang it up, Ralph. Show some grace. We don’t need two old white guys running.

Footnote: NBC political analyst Chuck Todd made a profound observation on Hillary Clinton’s cheap (and dated) Xerox line in the Texas debate. He said, “I don’t Xerox. I copy, cut and paste.”

Time marches on.


ArchGrafiX said...

I agree that Ralph Nader shouldn't be running for President, but not because he'd screw it up for a Democrat OR Republican candidate. It's because he ought to run the Environmental Protection Agency...wouldn't THAT be refreshing after so many years of backpeddling? If not that, he definitely should be in a government agency that reduces waste and increases efficiency. We need an army of Naders to supplant those do-nothing corrupt bureaucrats sprinkled everywhere in Washington and around the country.

George Phenix said...

Hmmm...I second the nomination.

The South Plainsman said...

Nader may well have cost Gore the election in 2000 like Perot cost the senior Bush the election in 1992.

So we got Slick Willie and G. W. Bush

Nader will not cost Barack Obama the election in 2008. Obama may not win, but I doubt Nader will have much, if any, draw this year if Obama is the nominee.

If Hillary is the candidate, Nader will be costly to her because it will give disgruntled Obama voters somewhere to go beside with the Republican.

The do nothing corrupt bureaucrats will continue to ply their trade until Congress permits them to be fired when needed. Now they just get promoted.

Anonymous said...


Antonia said...

Wait----so the fact that Nader's 74 makes him less capable than Obama? Than Palin? And that's because.....OOOH yeah, they photograph well! They make good corporate media darlings! They have the hundreds of millions of campaign money, and they are YOUNG! This makes them perfect candidates to run the US. Right. Ralph Nader has done a hell of alot for this country. He is smart as hell, dignified, and loves America and its people. And he isn't afraid to stand up to corporate power (which runs this country, and the elections, pretty much,let's face it). And he sure as hell isn't afraid to salute the FLAG.
And you talk about age? Wow. Low blow.

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