Thursday, February 21, 2008

Shameful Supreme Court Shield

Think fast: do you want a government bureaucrat to have have the final authority over your heart? Or your breast?

More specifically, do you trust the Food and Drug Administration to really know whether your pacemaker or your breast implant is up to the job?

Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled American citizens could not sue the manufacturer if the implants were initially approved by FDA and built to specs.

Think about that.

Now, recall that it was our government that sent our troops to war in humvees built to specs -- only to get blown to hell because the armor was too light. (Different agency, I know, but the same government.)

Remember also that just last year, a leading U.S. manufacturer of pacemakers got in serious trouble over a faulty wire (approved by the government). People died.

I'm sporting a pacemaker. And I have complete faith in my medical team. They saved my life and gave me more good years to live after I suffered an undetected heart attack.

Although my first implant worked well, I find little comfort in the thought that my future generators could be built by the lowest bidder. Will we become a nation of test mammals with no protection? No recourse?

George W.Bush packed this Supreme Court. Damn, I can hardly wait until he packs his bags. Problem is, of course, it will take years for us to replace the current justices.

Until then, I fear that We-the-People will continue to get screwed by Them-the-Rich-Corporations. Over and over again.


Anonymous said...

Don't blame George for this one. he law protecting manufacturers from being sued by patients was passed in 1996. I believe someone named Clinton was president then!!

The South Plainsman said...

That law is not nearly as bad as the law passed in Texas after GWB left that severely limits recoveries in medical malpractice cases. If you don't work....elderly, housewife, child...about the max you can recover in even the most egregious cases is $250,000. And thet is before legal fees, litigation expenses and unpaid hospital bills are taken out. A small, but powerful, number of Democrats keep the people responsible for that in power. A larger number of Republicans are responsible as well.
The big problem is that government is used by both parties to pick winners and losers in our society. Just depends upon who has the money to influence the rules.

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