Thursday, February 7, 2008

We've come a long way

If you listen to Rush Limbaugh (and gosh, who doesn’t?), then you must think three liberal Senators are in the running for president. He counts McCain. Repeat: he counts McCain as a liberal. Ahh, that Rush, ever the comedian going for the laugh instead of making sense.

You can bet your last dollar that Rush, Ann Coulter and their radio ilk are praying like never before that the Democrats will win in November. Why? Because Obama and Hillary present such target-rich environments. A Democratic victory ensures Rush and Ann can keep their lucrative jobs for at least four more years.

Nobody asked me, but I think a seismic shift has rearranged American politics. Think of the wonder – either a black man or a white woman could be our next president. The Civil Rights movement was not that long ago. We have truly made progress.

Oh sure, people my age still grapple with old stereotypes. But the young people don’t. Just ask an elementary school teacher. They will tell you the kids come to public schools these days without much sense of discrimination in their daily lives, among their playground friends, on television, in the movies, etc.

Racism will always exist. But we have come a long ways in assimilation in this great country. That gives me hope.

And the fact that George W. Bush has less than a year to serve gives me joy. Great joy. Right now, I would accept any of the three “liberal” candidates. Anybody would be better than Bush.

But what I’m looking for is another Great American.


Ken Martin, Goodlife Editor said...

Right on, George. And the countdown calendar our daughter gave us says
that today, February 7, George W. Bush has 348 days left in office.
While folks in our age bracket may sometimes wish to slow down the
clock, may these days pass mercifully quick.

Bill said...

Those ultra-con folks would be outstanding replacing Herr Goebbels as the voice right wing righteousness....Absolutely ill mannered, my way or the road...which is the mantra of the Bush movement. Love to see them frustrated with McCain...who is their boy whether they like it or not

Anonymous said...

Hey people; We super conservatives just want somebody in office that can read the Constitution.It seems like most libs have forgotten that. The Constitution is not a "living,breathing,document."that is like saying the Bible was written only for the people that lived back in the days before our generation was born.Of course the "living breathing" idea was pushed by the same person that promotes 'GLOBAL WARMING'
My daughter in Milwaukee wants someone to come up and shovel some of the 'GLOBAL WARMING' from in front of her house. But that's another subject for later.-----------Goose

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see/hear what Rush, Ann and the talking heads on Faux News handle the departure of Rommney and the almost certain coronation of McClain. It is amusing Regan arises Lazarus like while Bush is regarded by the conservatives as the red haired step child. What will Clear Channel do?

The South Plainsman said...

I don't listen to Rush. Did once. That was enough. For an entertainer, he is on par with Stewart, Larry King, Chris Matthews and Hannity. All are more annoying than anything else. Ann Coulter is a crass, shallow partisan, and not worth anyone's time, and there are a lot of others on the right and left that fit that category. Wish there were some out there on both sides that were thoughtful and reasonable, but it won't happen in my lifetime Too bad.

Anonymous said...

Can’t we all just get along? I mean come on folks we all have to realize that we have three candidates who will not be good for our country whether we vote red or blue. They are all politicians they all will do whatever will keep their party in office and we will all go on with our lives like we have the past 8 years. I don’t know about you but I have a positive outlook no matter what and I am one of those evil neo-cons… But my unca George still loves me and gosh darn that makes my day. As for Rush, Hannity, Laura and the like… what you non-neo-cons need to remember is this: All three are harder on conservative candidates than liberal ones because they, like me, realize that it is okay to see what is wrong with our party. It’s a hard thing to do and we have to take a deep breath and swallow our pride but we do it. I never hear NPR putting anyone down but those of us who disagree with them. Don’t worry about us though, we conservatives were polled along side our liberal friends and we came out on top for being happier, staying positive and having an overall better quality of life. …. Hmm I wonder how many of those positive people are serving our country in Iraq and Afghanistan?? ....yes I went there and yes I have the experience to say so ~jill

ArchGrafiX said...

I agree almost anyone would be better than Bush Jr. He is a new benchmark for the bottom, the sludge in the beer barrel.

Have y'all seen this?

I see you, George, as one of the friendly and funny Angry White Men.

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