Monday, March 3, 2008

Chop sticks, drive-ins, big rigs

There are about 40,000 Chinese restaurants in the U.S., "more than the number of McDonald's, Burger Kings, and KFCs combined,” according to Jennifer 8. Lee in her new book, “The Fortune Cookie Chronicles.” Is apple pie passé as the American culinary benchmark? Think so.

For seventy-five bucks, you can steam up car windows at the smallest drive-in theater in Manhattan. Thanks to some innovative (some would say nutty) New Yorkers. Look for DRV-IN, 250-square foot venue complete with faux stars, a movie screen and a 1965 Ford Falcon convertible. Reserve your movie on-line. Hint: high school themes are best-sellers. Bring your own girl. Bucket seats. That’s what killed the drive-in movie.

Most men remember 1993 when Dodge came out with the big Ram Charger pickup truck based on the look of eighteen wheelers. Hit reverse. Today, the big rigs are designed to look like their smaller cousins. The LoneStar shows off design elements from the 1930s with lots of bling and pizzaz to improve life on the road. Like the addition of wood floors and kitchenettes. And beds and microwaves. Don’t tell Kris Kristofferson or the other guys in Convoy.

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