Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The cookie poll

The scene: an internet cafe/coffee shop in trendy, tony Hyde Park, a vibrant sector of trendy, tony Austin, Texas.

The time: just after dinner, election eve.

The crowd: trendy, tony 30-year-olds and younger. Deep into their laptops. Every seat was taken. Very little conversation. Soft music.

The set-up: at the counter, two trays of cookies. Each with a hand-lettered sign. Obama cookies, $1.50. Clinton cookies, $1.50.

The point: the Clinton tray was full; one cookie left in the Obama tray.

The question: were they fortune cookies?


Anonymous said...

We need to change this stupid vote and then caucus crap. Start a drive. Bill

Escaped Waco Alive said...

Not fortune cookies...expensive cookies.

At the coffee shop in South Austin, where truck drivers, teachers, sales clerks and such were grabbing some grub before another paycheck-to-paycheck work week, the thought of spending a buck fifty for a cookie would sound absurd. But they will find the time on election day from their work day, their mommy/daddy duties, their second job, to go vote for someone who gives a damn about the middle class and their problems...Hillary.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm! Do I buy just one cookie to show that I'm a half idiot or buy two and complete the circle of being a total idiot.
Waitress--Here's three dollars. take one of each and throw them into the garbage disposal.-- And while you're at it bake a McCain cookie and throw it in there too!!-------Goose

The South Plainsman said...

Looks like your cookie poll was right...at least in Austin. Austin stays weird.

George Phenix said...

We have a name for those people who make Austin weird.

We call them Patriots.

Anonymous said...

We had voted early, then got home from the Hill Country in time for last night's caucus. Standing among people of all sizes, colors and souls in the Lake Dallas City Hall parking lot was one of the most uplifting experiences we've had, and we have never been in a group that was more polite, friendly and intelligent. People instinctively helped each other find the various precinct groups as they gathered in the parking lot. The building holds only 250 people, and there appeared to be a couple of thousand or more there.

The lines stretched for more than a block down Main Street, and voting continued for hours after the polls would have closed. We stood in the cold and finally got to caucus in the parking lot just before ten o'clock, each of us kneeling on the pavement in turn at our precinct's single folding chair to write our caucus choice.

Nobody seemed to be bothered much by the cold. This time, hope kept us warm...Bob

Anonymous said...

Patriots are those people who care for their country deeply. They believe in every word of the Constitution.They believe that they have an obligation to fight for their country and rights. just as the settlers of our country did. They believe that they alone are responsible for their welfare. Pseudo patriots believe that the more the government is involved in the lives of the citizens,the better off the country is. They believe that no one but the government can take care of its citizens with health care,retirement,business,welfare, and spending.
In short the pseodo patriots are todays liberals.----- Goose

The South Plainsman said...

I will add a little about Democratic caucuses. Used to go to them every year. And the county conventions, and the state conventions. The last time I went to a Democratic Party precinct convention was in 1976. I was kicked out of it by an organized group. It was called the Eagle Forum.

Never been back.

Ken Martin said...

What you forgot to say, George, was what a wonderfully inventive idea this was for Art Silvers, owner of Hyde Park Bakery, to make a few bucks off the election *and* give us regular patrons something to chew on besides the pastries. Folks checked the running tallies on cookie sales that were tacked to the post by the display case and Obama was a clear winner, on the order of two to one. Not surprising since he carried my precinct caucus by a three-to-one margin.

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