Thursday, March 27, 2008

Do the mashed potato*

Probably I shouldn’t write about this. A guy in Portland has opened a vegan strip joint. Isn’t that a conflict of interest? OK. I’ll drop it.

Is your town diurnal? You’d better hope so. But you can live on the cusp, like Longyearbyen, Norway. From April through September, there will be perpetual daylight in this frozen burg on an island 600 miles from the North Pole. Diurnal? Look it up.

In Michigan (also near the N. Pole), real estate value is dropping so fast promoters are hosting Repo Buyers Bus Tour for five bucks a head. Primary residences, not second homes. And the experts say it is going to get worse.

Here’s a crash of another kind. The automobile kind. At the recent NY International Auto Show, Ford displayed a wrecked 2008 Taurus to demonstrate how well the vehicle can withstand a crash. To my memory, that’s a first. Interesting marketing.

Forgive me. I keep flashing on the vegan strip joint. Low blood sugar, likely.

*The mashed potato was a dance popular in the early 1960's. Before the Lindy.


Anonymous said...

Aren't vegans little (or big) creatures from starwars,or E.T. or encounters of the third kind or something like that?? If so why can't they strip like all the other galactic beings. You probably don't hold much stock in the Roswell strippers either---Goose

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