Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Don Quixote star retires

This is a direct lift from the NY Times: “After 19 years with the Maryinsky Ballet Company of St. Petersburg, Russia, Monika, the donkey in Don Quixote, has retired. “She knew the exact time to appear in the ballet, even without someone accompanying her,” said a spokeswoman. The farewell party included a waltz with one of the ballerinas, carrot cake, a pinafore and a kerchief. Endearing.

Hibernaculums (look it up) on the East Coast are under siege. And bats are dying in droves, cause unknown. Bats don’t fly in winter. If you see one outside, unfortunately it is a “dead bat flying.” The scourge has spread from NY through the Adirondacks, back toward Indiana and nearing Texas. Bats are beneficial. In Texas, bats save cotton farmers a sixth to an eighth of the cash value of their crops by eating insect pests. Hmmm. If only bats would develop a taste for political pests. Don’t start with the Dracula jokes.

I’m OK. You’re not.

The American Journal of Psychiatry reports that addiction to emails and text messaging could be a form of mental illness. E-stalking is real. I gotta go now.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh!I almost lost touch with reality there for a moment.
Bats,oh yes bats, I like to sit out on the patio in the late afternoon and watch the bats swoop and eat their fill of mosquitos and other flying insects.When they don't appear for a couple of days I get concerned.When they came back I knew all was well with the world.------Goose

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