Monday, March 24, 2008

Guns, boy dolls and dead phone books

Fourteen billion dollars a year. That’show much money outdoors spending adds to the Texas economy via hunting, fishing, and just messing. Motorhomes and Jim Beam, extra. When out in the bush or on the water, everybody's name is Bubba.


Speaking of boys and their toys, have you heard of UglyDolls? They are soft, plush, cute and built for boys. No kidding. Some six year olds tote them to school. Researchers say it dates back to Egyptians. Undoubtedly, some will blame liberals. Somehow.


Prediction: Bill Gates says the Yellow Pages will be just a memory within the next five years. The Internet, you see.

Slate has an interesting article on this piece of paperback American culture, pointing out there has never been a scholarly monograph written about the phonebook:

"There should be one: Its omnipresence has made it a barometer of societal change. In 1906, Jews in Trenton threatened to boycott Bell over a resort listing's promise, "Free From Hebrews and Tuberculosis Patients." Temperance groups in the North agitated to ban brewery ads from directories, while some Southern directories segregated into separate sections for "white" and "colored" numbers. Women's directory struggles are still within living memory: NYNEX's first listings for birth-control counseling only appeared in 1967, while Bell fought well into the late 1970s to deny women equal billing alongside their husbands in household listings, claiming it required too much extra paper and ink."


The South Plainsman said...

Only a liberal would send a boy to school with a doll. Maybe a GI Joe model, or a Rambo, would be more appropriate. And a Winchester on the gun rack for older ones. LOL

Anonymous said...

The South Plainsman hit it right! next thing you know objecting to 'ugly' dolls will be a hate crime.
And on the yellow pages! It would be nice if the phone companies were consistent under the catergories they placed listings.------Goose

Anonymous said...

catagories---sorry bout thet---Goose

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