Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Keep Austin Weird

Most other Texans view Austin with some suspicion. "The People's Republic of Texas," they call it. Or worse. Some even go so far as to label Austin as a California city plopped down in the center of the state. Fie.

What makes Austin weird? Maybe this will help you better understand my home town: yesterday, I saw this sign on a kiosk in the meat market at Central Market, the largest grocery in town. The sign read: "chew with an open mind."

Weird? Not if you think about it.

We have a name for those people who keep Austin weird. We call them Patriots.

Austinites were among the first in the nation to raise the alarm about the Texan in the White House and his inept cronies. Iraq. Katrina. Mortgage crisis. Etc. Thank god this election finally got here. What surprises me is that the Republicans haven't figured out how much George W. Bush has hurt their party.

My Lubbock high school buddies are convinced I've given in to the Dark Side. I have. Many times. And I'm not through. But I haven't had the heart to tell them I'm pretty sure Jesus was a liberal. He drank wine and wore sandals. So do Austinites.

Wink. Clink.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, people do identify Bush as being a Texan. Why can't the citizens of New Haven, Conneticut assume the blame?

Anonymous said...

Sent your Austin info to my sons who attend UT and love Austin. What a Texas Shootout last night. In our precinct here in Blue Blood Repub country, we had about 400 people packed in to the caucus at our grade school. Back when I was younger and took part we had about 40. What a reawakening. Bill

Anonymous said...

Just read the last comment of the "cookie poll" blog---- Goose

The South Plainsman said...

I was born in Austin. Lived there 19 years of my life. Two degrees from UT. Loved the town during the 40s,50s and early 60s. After the JFK assassination, everything there went crazy, and somehow, Austin has not gotten over it. Its not so much the politics, but the policies.

My most memorable moment while in Austin the last deecade or so was some years ago at Halloween. My wife and I and another couple were driving down Congress Avenue about 9 PM, and we spotted a guy walking down the street (near 6th St., of course) in a pair of chaps, and nothing else. Nothing! And he wasn't being arrested. Now that is weird.

As for the Dark side, most of your old pals don't mind that so much. Its like having a looney old aunt that means well, but.......


Anonymous said...

That's why George seems so familiar!! He's actually my looney old aunt!!---------Goose

Anonymous said...

A second request. Please do not include me on your political agenda. I am an engineer who deals in facts and not some crazy idealistic thoughts. I appreciate your other blogs, but please warn me if it is political so that I am able to hit the delete button. An old high school friend, who still loves you despite your wrong thinking.

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