Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Money -- good and evil

Have you heard of poorism? It’s slum tourism. You heard right – tourists gawking at garbage dumps in Mexico, Rio de Janeiro and Johannesburg. Often traveling where police don’t or won’t. Imagine open sewers, live electrical lines, young men with cocked pistols. Tourism? Or Voyeurism?

Here at home, immigration is fueling the new niche in banking in heretofore unlikely locales. Nuestro Banco recently opened to serve the exploding Hispanic population in Raleigh, N. C. Why? It’s obvious. From1990 to 2006, the Hispanic population rose from 76,726 to 593,385. But they need some good TexMex cafes.

Al Gore is doing all right. He recently invested $35 million with a group that specializes in hedge funds. Big Al is poised to make even more when his Current Media cable company goes public.

Say, Al, could you lend me $20 until my Social Security check arrives?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If Al loans you the 20,remember that's what I charge to tour my back yard. You can enjoy sights such a my fence falling down,dog poop,acorns that make you trip, and last but certainly not least----- My Craftsman tiller, covered with plastic.-----Goose

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