Friday, March 7, 2008

National primary?

This could be serious. It’s about the Administration’s push for lenders to forgive portions of mortgages in an effort to staunch the economic hemorrhage. Has anybody asked IRS if the forgiven amount is taxable? Many such actions are. Bam, you get a 1099C and have to pay taxes. The out? If you are not solvent, no taxes owed. Worth the cure?

This could be even more serious. England has several hundred researchers in the think tank community, the European research community numbers are in the low thousands and the U.S. counts maybe 10,000 smart people scratching around. Here’s the serious part – in just one research facility in China, there are 4,000 researchers turning over rocks. And there are many Chinese institutions with many, many researchers. China is rejoining the world with breathtaking speed. And on many levels including monetary and military. If their one-party state survives, this research class will likely design a model to compete with the western model for the highest stakes ever -- the rest of the world. Serious consequences lie ahead.

Let me tell you a question: what’s wrong with holding primaries on the same date throughout America? The current patchwork of elections and caucuses staggered throughout the calendar is confusing and very expensive. (Super delegate is not to be found anywhere in the constitution.) Of course the political class, the consultants, the media outlets, charter jet companies and Krispy Kreme would be out a lot of money. But so what?


Anonymous said...

Regarding the first issue. Americans have depended on the government to take care of them since the days of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.There have been a multitude of 'gimme' programs since then. The government calls them 'entitlements'.everyone is surrounded by these governmental orgasms.
Social security started the pell mell rush to get more.
Dare I say that the victims of Katrina were not the social or welfare responsibility of the federal government. The job of helping those poor people falls to the State.
The SanFrancisco earthquake many years ago,The horrible hurricane that hit south Texas, are prime examples of people doing what they had to do by hitching up their britches and doing it for themselves.
Americans in general have lost that desire to fend for themselves and to let the government declare a disaster area and supply anything and everything that the people might need. That's just plain wrong.---- Goose

Anonymous said...

Goose -- go to your room.

Aunt Bea

Anonymous said...

The primary thing is broken...your idea is as good as any...probably better. Hell we are still counting caucus votes here. Bill

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I can tell you the fundamental reason for having primaries or caucuses (we in Texas call them
conventions) whenever the states want to: Each state wants to be catered to. If you don't know hogs, don't go to Iowa. If you can't talk computers, don't go to Southern California. Etc.

The smarter way to do it would be to hold regional primaries every three weeks or so. That way, there
would be plenty of time to whore for votes on the basis of some local characteristic, yet cut the number of "election days" into six or so instead of 32 or so.


The South Plainsman said...

I agree with Kinch. Having one primary would not permit the public to vet the candiates in varying situations. What is needed is to have several dates, then rotate the states so that over a period of years, every state would have an equal opportunity to be among the first.

This is something each party should do. But the states would have to agree or we would have the Florida/Michigan controversy every time.

I also agree with Goose.

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