Thursday, March 6, 2008

Penny for your thoughts

Scientists have created a computer program that can read your mind – almost. This technology can decipher what your brain has been looking at by reading the way your cerebellum lights up. Invented by women scientists, no doubt. But why? Women always seem to know what men are thinking about.

When caterpillars presto-changeo into butterflies, they remember the stuff they learned as babies. Researchers think the discovery could aid in the future treatment of dementia. What a nice image. Butterflies and geezers. Snoopy had it right all along.

For the first time, Americans are more dependent on their cell phones than land lines. That’s a change from a similar survey two years ago. Nowadays, the cell phone is the technological tool most users say they couldn’t do without. The Internet and television are second and third. I’ll sign up – when buttons get bigger.

An outfit in Brooklyn will teach bee-keeping this weekend in the Bronx. Hope someone else in the same neighborhood teaches flower growing. And that's the latest buzz from New York.

Too easy? Sorry.


Anonymous said...

How ridiculus!! My wife says that men have only one thing on their mind. That makes the job of mind reading easy.
I don't appreciate being called butterfly brain.
It's not bees and flowers,it's birds and bees. Those yankees know nothing about reproduction.---- Goose

Anonymous said...

Nice statement. Very friendly to non politicians. This will earn you and the mystery woman a dinner and wine next month!!

George Phenix said...

Hold on. I won't sell out for dinner and drinks.

But I might for a Mercedes.

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