Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spitzer unreported scandal

Nobody is writing about the real scandal involving the phony governor and the real call girl. When then-Gov.Spitzer and his wife left their apartment to drive 40 blocks to his office where he resigned – it took half an hour! Repeat: it took 30 minutes to drive 40 blocks in the middle of the day.

The shame.


Jeff Hebert said...

30 minutes to drive 40 blocks. Which, assuming the Governor is a normal male, is about 29 minutes longer than the actual appointment lasted.

Ken martin said...

That's nothing, George. It took Bruce Willis an hour and 45 minutes to move his prisoner across Manhattan in the movie "18 Blocks." But maybe the then-guv didn't run into as much gunfire as Willis.

Anonymous said...

Hey!! Jack in "24" can go from L.A. to Washington to Europe to Asia back to Washington for a two hour meeting and then back to L.A. all in 1 hour. That's faster than I used to go to explain to two girls that I didn't mean to make them mad,and then go on a third date.------Goose

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