Friday, April 25, 2008

Come see us

Today, we start the uphill trek to the tundra. We are leaving Texas for the better summer weather in Minnesota. If the storms across the mid-west will let us pass.

To my friends in Austin, I promise I’ll repay you when we come back next winter. To my friends in Minnesota, don’t lend me any money.

We had a fun Farewell Tour of dinner and drinks with old college friends. Lots of friends. Lots of drinks. Later, when I stop blushing, I’ll explain my side of the story about what caused me to fall out of my chair and tump onto the floor at the restaurant. Some say it was the cheap white wine. I say I was reaching for my senior discount card and gravity took control. Big laughs at my expense. Big tip for the waitress, you bet.

The Lunch with Cousins was one of my favorites. The food was heavenly. Cooked as only people from the Greatest Generation know how. Did I mention they are Old School? They tolerate me nicely but I can tell the jury is still out.

Leaving is always tough, whether in Minneapolis or Austin. The Mystery Woman has 30 years of history up north; I have a lifetime in Austin. We are fortunate to have found two cities that nourish each of us. Virginia, her 86-year-old mother, loves the road. She has been packed for a week.

I’ll miss my kids and grandchildren. That’s the hardest part. With the Internet and cheap minutes, they are just clicks away. But it’s knowing that we could put hands on in a hurry if we wanted to. You understand.

And I’ll miss the robust foods in Texas. Not just Tex-Mex, everything has more flavor in Texas. Everything changes when we cross the border into Kansas. This time, I’m sneaking two jars of chow-chow in our luggage. Wonder what it will do for walleye?

This season, we have tenants for our Texas condos: an older couple from China in one and an old pal and his two teenagers in the other.

Blog postings may suffer while we travel the next four or five days. But somehow, comic adventure always seems to find us. I think we’re magnetized.

Cue the theme from Rawhide.


Annie said...

We all miss you and Mystery Woman and MW's Mom when you leave Texas. Can't blame you for leaving, though, it's too dang hot for me too down here!! Have a safe trip! Love, Annie (daughter)

Ken Martin said...

Y'all travel safe and hurry back when the snow flies in Minnesota. And this time, I won't dork around and not get to see you. We missed our one shot when you couldn't make it to the birthday party, but maybe next year. (Do I sound like a Cubs fan?)

Lars said...

Wish I could have been there to refill your wine glass one more time.

Safe travels, you crazy kids.


Anonymous said...

George-- ThankGod the mystery woman is with you. I just heard on the weather station that Minnesota has tornado watches and Minneapolis has temperatures in the 30's. At least you have her with you to help you button the long underwear. Be safe!!! Goose

max fischer said...

in about a week, "Big tip for the waitress, you bet" will be well received as a "Big tip for the waitress, you betcha". Throw in a little oh-kay-real-good-then and a few you-don't says(?) and the walleye will be, oh-yah, real good.
Safe travels.

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