Friday, April 11, 2008

David Brooks, who knew?

Have you ever tried to write something funny? It’s not easy. Especially if you are trying to write humor without using humping, cussing, or body functions.

Clean laughs are difficult to write. Try it sometime.

Better still, read David Brooks take on The Great Forgetting in today's NY Times. He is one of the few conservative columnists I can read without high blood pressure risk. But I never knew he was so funny.

He forecasts the Bad Memory Century and its consequences. A must read.

Insert: the Mystery Woman says I should label this a Tip of the Hat to David Brooks, then sit down, and shut up.



Ken Martin said...

The mystery woman gives good advice. In Toastmasters International, a self-help club to acquire the skills needed to speak in public, we learned to stand up, speak up, shut up, and sit down.

George Phenix said...

This morning, the David Brooks piece opened as Number 6 on the NY Times list of "most emailed" stories.

By late afternoon, it was No. 1.


Anonymous said...

I don't know what your problem is with all the humping,body functions or other things not mentionable in reasonable classy groups. After all you are a liberal!! That's what liberals do.Just follow the example of Billy Boy from Arkansas. Youi'll make it---- Goose

Anonymous said...

If only all conservative types were as literate and funny as David can be. I read him and watch him on Jim Lehrer on Friday. Bill

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the South Plainsman and I need to send Bill some of our more jocular moments. Maybe some stories about George's past??
Forget that!! I've got too many skeletons in the old closet to be opening doors.--- Goose

The South Plainsman said...

I'm not all together sure that Brooks is a "conservative" but he does seem to the right of a lot of liberals I know. Liberals seem to think that even those left of center are conservative. Of course, it is all relative, I suppose. Brooks does seem to be rather sensible most of the opposed to all of his other colleagues at the NYT.

Goose, I wouldn't threaten George with old stories...he knows too much. LOL

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