Monday, April 28, 2008

Filling stations or battle stations?

The scene is a few days ago. We are getting ready to hit the road and the Mystery Woman has discovered she can use the computer to find the cheapest gasoline along our route. A nickel here and a dime there can make a difference over a trip of 1,300 miles. Plus, she loves the thrill of the hunt.

On Thursday, gas was selling at the Racetrack station in Dallas for $3.01. Helluva deal. But when we arrived three days later, the station was charging customers $3.52 – and that was still right at the cheapest in Dallas.

Here’s the question: what the hell happened during those three days to cause gasoline to jump fifty cents in price? Seriously, what the hell happened? Other than the oil companies made a few billion dollars more and the CEOs getting richer, too.

Surely, something else happened somewhere in the world to make gas prices jump this much. The atomic bomb? Al Gore announced? What was it?

Tell me.


Jeff Hebert said...

What kills me is that when the price of a barrel of oil drops, the price of gas stays high because "we paid the higher price for all that oil in the tanks already", but when the price of a barrel of oil goes UP, the gas price hike is instantaneous across the world.

ira kennedy said...

The price of oil is based on the value of the dollar. Between commodities trading on crude oil futures and our borrow and spend economic policies -- which drive down the value of the dollar -- prices will keep going up and up. That $167 billion stimulus package is money borrowed from our children and grand children. Every dollar we borrow pushes up the price of oil. I won't even go into the war profiteering by the oil companies which will never be addressed. So if anyone wants to know why gas prices are so high the place to start looking for an answer is with speculation (gambling) on the stock market, our out of control national debt and inability to kick the gasoline habit. And, if anyone thinks ethenhol is the answer just hold to that notion until you go into your local grocery store where high fructose corn syrup which is in nearly every product. Sorry to say this, but the price if everything is going to skyrocket except workers paychecks.

The South Plainsman said...

What is happening is supply is not increasing as fast as demand, and the dollar has been tanking because of 40 years of our buying more from foreigners than they bought from us. Mostly oil, but flim flam from China is also a big part. What is going on can easily be explained by Eco is all very simple.

Blame the oil companies all you want, but the prices are being set in Saudi Arabia and Iran and Russia. The oil companies are just the middle men, making as much profit as they can. The ones who are cleaning up are our "friends" in the Middle East and Russia. They are banking trillions of dollars from our love of bigger and faster vehicles. Ultimately, they will own us if we don't do something.

Ira is on the right track.

Anonymous said...

Gas is still $.50 per gallon in China and India. We are the profit makers for the oil companies. They are using more gas in China and India so we have to make up the difference. This is my theory on why the price of gas is going up so fast...Lee

Anonymous said...

Probably the CEO's needed a new Bentley but it might well have been 'fear' because of a pipe line that was closed in the North Sea as I recall. Seems if the leader of a country farts gas goes up. Someone predicted in an interview on PBS that gas wouldgo to five bucks in a year. Here is a real problem.

The AP story about a baseball umpire knocked out on pitch the catcher missed used this lovely grammar:"The game was delayed 15 minutes with Danley laying nearly motionless" etc. Of course my college students would not have blinked at "laying" as they tended to use phrases: "when your coming over to the house."

Have a wonderful trip....thank goodness you keep in touch with this. Bill

Anonymous said...

I loved the "blame the oil companies all you want line." So what if Saudi and the Arabian brothers set the price. The price is one thing: OBSCENE PROFITS on the part of UNITED STATES oil companies tells us all we need to know about who is doing what to whom, in my opinion.


George Phenix said...

Thank heavens. My real worry was that John McCain somehow had accessed the Launch Codes.

The South Plainsman said...

I can see its hate the big oil companies time again. Every time the foreign oil exporters hold back supply, it a mantra for liberals in our country to blame our oil companies, rather than the foreigners and ourselves.

Just once I would like to see liberals be for drilling in the vast areas where we know there to be large domestic reserves, and for development of alternative energy that will make a real difference, such as nuclear. A lot of the reasons that we are in so much trouble is that liberals have failed to assess the costs of not drilling ANWAR and offshore Atlantic and Pacific coasts. You just can't have it both ways.

Now that the big oil companies that deliver you the fuel you desperately have to have are making large profits, you want to blame them for doing what their shareholders demand they do. And don't forget who the shareholders are. They are your neighbors, or their pension funds, for the most part. And don't forget that that profit is taxed twice already.

The gas prices in China are subsidized by the government, and are gas prices in a lot of producing countries. There are just places where there is not a free market such as we have in the US.

Nancy Pelosi has gained control of the launch codes, and is going to nuke Exxon-Mobil. In Irving, I guess.

Anonymous said...

If the hike cramps your style you simply adjust your spending priorities and make it work. Consolidate your trips and maybe even dust off the ten speed. If you go to a car wash once a week...put on some rockin' tunes and wash it in your driveway. Cut down to three frappuccinos a week instead of five.

Or move to China and open a falafel stand.

The Whinging Geezer said...

Not that I like $4.00 any more than the rest of you, but we have it pretty good compared to most of Europe. We're hosting a British couple for a few days and they tell me that gas in London is now eleven dollars an Imperial gallon (which is smaller than the US gallon). They recently switched from a large Peugot sedan to a small Ford Fiesta and are very glad they did.

Anonymous said...

My point exactly.

George Phenix said...

Nice give and take. Thanks.

But I would ask my initial question once again: what happened during those three days to cause the price of gasoline to jump fifty cents?

Near as I can tell ... nothing.

The South Plainsman said...

They knew you were coming. LOL

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