Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Mommy, what's a newspaper?

Several major newspapers have decided not to send reporters jetting around the country to cover the Clinton/Obama smackdown. The list is growing: USA Today, The Boston Globe, the Dallas Morning News, The Houston Chronicle, The Atlanta Journal, The Baltimore Sun, The Miami Herald...

Some day. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow.
Some day, we’ll all be sorry.

Add to the endangered species list, the movie critic in print. Across the nation, there’s a drumbeat to the unemployment office as weeklies and dailies lay off their film critics, and travel writers, and business writers. The TV guide is long gone.

Some day. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow.
Some day, we’ll all be sorry.

Newspapers better get it together. I have this nagging feeling that it’s too late. The way people want to get the news has changed. Oh, I suppose we’ll always have newspapers of some sort. But it won’t be near as much fun.

Some day. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow.
Some day, we’ll all be sorry.


Anonymous said...

AMEN! and the public will not will be well served without the sitting down and reading for an hour or so as I do everyday. Bill

The South Plainsman said...

News became an entertainment industry long ago, but its not entertaining. Reporters, editors and publishers let bias creep into the business, and a lot of readers lost faith. Then comes the Internet and changes the way people want their news delivered, and the old media have failed to come up with a business plan to deal with it. Now they cut product (reporters and editors)rather than change their methods of delivery. It is sad. Perhaps some genius will find a way to salvage things, but the "dead tree" media is on the way out in all probability.

We WILL all be sorry.

Anonymous said...

I agree a lot of folks will be sorry. But to keep saying it doesn't preserve the newspaper. The American
Statesman may be one of the first to die as a newspaper, but it has a decently easy-to-use web version already...Kinch

George Phenix said...

I note, with considerable amusement, that the Statesman web site opens on "Entertainment" rather than "News."
Says a lot.

Anonymous said...

The FW Star Telegram only prints 3 stories. The rest of the paper consists of blurbs telling you where you can find these 3 stories.
Plus 2 bonus pages telling you how to cure dry skin. (Hint: lotion)

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