Thursday, April 3, 2008

Old people do crazy things

Before you can come in the house, you have to sign a waiver. Plus, no children allowed. You can understand why.

It’s the Bioscleave House (Lifespan Extending Villa) in the Hamptons. The floor undulates. Has bumps. The house was designed by a 71-year-old artist/architect to throw you off balance. On purpose. The architect calls it reversible destiny which, in theory, outlaws aging. Great concept.

“It’s immoral that people have to die,” says the 66-year-old partner. Well said.

Hold that thought while you try to walk across the room with a glass of wine.

Polls indicate Americans are more likely to vote for an African-American or a woman before they would vote for an old white guy.

But here’s the kicker:

It's not the young people who feel the strongest. It's the geezers. Only 24 percent of people under 35 think John McCain is too old while 40 percent of those over 65 believe it.

We know things.


The World Natural Sports Organization fielded 44 body-builder competitors older than 60. That's up two from the previous year. Geezer hunks.

“Age is just a statistic, not a burden and there is no reason a man or woman can’t get into and maintain the best shape of their lives at any age,” said Scot Hults, 64,who has competed in 26 shows since 2005. Geezer Up!

The ripped old weight-lifters claim they are drug-free. Do prunes count?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

And ,who is old Mr. Phenix?? I was appalled at how many old people were at the 50th graduation reunion!
How did those people get in the door anyhow??I felt a little out of place with just me and the South Plainsman and a few other youngsters there. At one point I started to flex my muscles,but I only had one shirt.-----Goose

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