Thursday, April 10, 2008

Oprah's hand-me-downs

Next time you are in Chicago, check out Oprah’s next-to-new shop. The thrift store is not exactly thrifty. But her lightly-worn Prada heels cost about half retail. It’s Oprah’s Corner tucked away in Oprah’s Store. Can’t miss it. Just across the street from her TV studio on Chicago. That woman is smart.

Recycled stuff never looks this good when I’m shopping. Rich people in Manhattan (is that redundant?) are donating old kitchen stuff to charities. By old, that includes a $25,000 custom-made glazed cream-colored set of kitchen cabinets and a $5,000 four-burner Viking range. Check out Green Demolitions.

Be careful how you choose your friends. Writing in the New Yorker, Michael Kinsley offers this slice of life:

If a hundred Americans start the voyage of life together, on average one of them will have died by the time the group turns sixteen. At forty, their lives are half over, further life expectancy at age forty is 39.9. And at age sixty-three the group starts losing an average of one person every year. Then it accelerates. By age seventy-five, sixty-seven of the original hundred are left. By age one hundred, three remain.

On that cheery note, I’m nearing the due date on getting a new battery for my pacemaker/defibrillator. The technicians had guessed the battery would run down a couple of months ago. But like the Energizer Bunny, it just keeps on going.

And we’re going, too. Back to Minneapolis in a few weeks. To keep track of my ohms, the docs are giving me a gizmo which allows me to dial in from MN, place the device over my heart and download a reading to the Austin surgeons. Pretty slick.

A news wag said it was like knowing the Six Million Dollar Man – at least the Costco version.


Anonymous said...

I see the day when we have our yearly physicals via phone or internet. I wish you could have your surgery via remote hookup. We welcome you back to Minnesota. Check out the weather forecast today. Frumpfan

Anonymous said...

No disrespect but, as we used to say in the back country, Oprah is selling everything but the squeal.

The South Plainsman said...

It seems that Oprah's popularity has taken a dive since she got actively involved in politics. I doubt if she is doing it all because she really needs the money.

Keep the ticker ticking, old man. Too many interesting things going on to croak now.

Escaped Waco Alive said...

Use care in all thing, Geo. We lost Charlton Heston...a.k.a., Moses. We damn sure don't want to lose you. Stay close to your doctors. I'm thinking of regularly sending flowers to my primary care physician and candy to my surgeons just to remind them how much I care...and to keep them hoping for more flowers and candy for years to come.

The South Plainsman said...

Dunno who EWA is, but agree. My bride is very good at sending candy to our Docs. We are greeted quite well when we appear. Talk to the Mystery Woman about this. Its important.

Ken Martin said...

George you're a tribute the miracles of modern medicine!

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