Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Politics, cows, cheerleaders

Media bias? Both John McCain and Barack Obama spoke to the American Society of Newspaper Editors. McCain got a standing ovation. Not Obama.

While we’re on the subject: they closed the stockyards in South St. Paul this week. Here it comes. If the 300 million cows since the opening in 1887 were placed head-to-tail, the guys behind would have to shovel ten times around the equator to clean up. (See above.)

At 93, The World’s Foremost Authority is still comedian Professor Irwin Corey. While being interviewed recently at the NYC Friars Club, he observed, “The median age of the Friars is: deceased.”

This just in. A team of cheerleaders from the Washington Redskins is in India to help that budding nation create India’s first cheerleading squad. The U.S. cheerleaders will conduct a national audition of Indian women who will pom pom around for a rich Indian cricket league. In Hindi, cheerleader translates: "woman who demonstrates enthusiasm." Sort of.

A guy has trained his computers to write books. And he’s now written more than 200,000. Subjects include: washable scatter rugs, acne rosacea, everything, anything. Some call him a compiler rather than a writer. If you’re good at the Internet, you probably can do without his books written via algorithms. Is he cheating?


Ken Martin said...

Regarding the Friars, you probably mean median age?

George Phenix said...

Damned spellcheck. Thanks for the catch. Proving once again that humans are superior to computer programs.

The South Plainsman said...

The story about the cheerleaders reminds me of the time that a bunch of American Indians got their panties in a wad over the name "Redskins" helped along by a whole bunch of liberals. I heard Bubba say that that was OK, they ought to change the name to "Rednecks." Southern boys wouldn't be insulted by that "insult" and the stadium would sell double the tickets and four times the beer. LOL

Lyn.Lacy said...

"Redskins" is considered to be a racial slur by the Ojibwe and Dakota people I have worked with and taught with for 30 years. Calling Southern boys "Rednecks" is not a racial slur.

The South Plainsman said...

The term rednecks was invented to describe rural Southerners in the Civil War era. It was intended to be a slur. We got over it.

Anonymous said...

In speaking of all those bovine creatures,reminds me of the Republican who was asked to give a speech in a cow lot. He started by saying"I've never stood on a Democratic platform before but as usual its kind of mushy."----Goose

Anonymous said...

The South Plainsman helped make my point. He agreed with me that "redneck" is not a racial slur, and he added it was invented as a slur against rural Southerners, and "we got over it." Racial slurs are more difficult to get over, ask any person of color who has been called a name. Racial slurs are an insidious form of violence against other human beings.
Another version I've heard of the origin for redneck is that it was someone who worked outside, getting the back of the neck sunburned. It may have started in the South, but it certainly is now used lots of places, sometimes maliciously, sometimes not. I just don't think it compares to a racial slur.
I apologize for my last post. I misused the word Ojibwe. Ojibwe is how to spell the language. Ojibway is correct spelling for the people and culture.

The South Plainsman said...

Sorry, I thought a slur was a slur, and that use of a term that is intended as a compliment is not necessarily a slur. The use of "redneck" by all those darn Yankees was intended to be a slur of all the poor rural white boys in the South, so I guess there is a racial component. But I forget, one cannot really slur white guys. They are not among the species protected by political correctness.

Now the Washington football team used the term Redskins in a complimentary way. You know, folks name their teams after heroic beings as a rule. Of course, there are exceptions, as in the case of the University of Oklahoma naming their teams after a bunch of land theives (Sooners). I really do think "Rednecks" would be a better name for Washington. Us good ole boys have turned the slur into a compliment.

With regard to the use of "redskins" to describe American Indians, I would say that blacks have referred to themselves as blacks, Mexicans have referred to themselves as browns (remember the "Brown Berets?) and white men are referred to as whites. I guess that we could call Indians "reds" but that would really be a slur.

Or, I guesss we could all relax and quit worrying about looking for reasons to take offense at every little thing and be thankful we are all here in a great country where people are still relatively free, and we all really are a part of one nation. Even though the elites on the left still look down their noses at us good ole boys.

The South Plainsman said...


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