Monday, April 7, 2008

Push Meets Shove.

Push finally meets Shove in this eco-parable: “one Prius-driving couple takes pride in their eight redwoods, the first of them planted over a decade ago. Their electric-car-driving neighbors take pride in their rooftop solar panels, installed five years after the first trees were planted.” Can you spell lawsuit? Read the entire story.

You gets what you pay for – unless it’s end-of-life treatment at two of the nation’s top academic medical centers. Research reveals Medicare spending averaged $93,842 at UCLA Medical Center but only $53,432 at Mayo Clinic.

Here comes the quote: “How can the best medical care in the world cost twice as much as the best medical care in the world?” asked a Congressional investigator. That’s rich irony. How the hell would Congress know anything about saving money?

The average NY Times reader spends 48 minutes with the daily newspaper and 72 minutes with the Sunday paper. Doubtful? Set the egg-timer.

New high-top lace-ups can cost as much as $700 in fashion-forward NYC. Just in time for the Final Four. Want some?

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