Friday, April 18, 2008


Doctors say the strangest things. Mine, concerned about how close I live to diabetes, gave me this sage advice: eat like an Apache.


You know, lots of lean meats, nuts, and berries.

I’ll be back in a minute. Gotta chase down a rabbit for lunch.

Please direct your attention to the reader boards at the gas station where they post the price per gallon.

The sign I saw yesterday was shocking: Diesel $4.13.

But the “4” was smaller and from a different type face. Puzzling. Then it hit me. The folks who make numbers for reader boards never figured the cost of fuel would go that high so they never made any fours. While you’re at it, better make more 6, 7, 8s.

(No. There is no apostrophe in 8s.)

Back when I was a church mouse, I favored the little Episcopal church behind the Library of Congress in D.C. Perhaps because it had a bar in the basement and you could drink as much as you liked as long as you had drink tickets.

They sold drink tickets only on Sunday.

The latest Obama/Clinton TV debate drew 10.7 million TV viewers.

The same night, same time, American Idol drew 22.7 million.


Ken Martin said...

Regarding the TV audience for the debate vs. American Idol, don't you reckon that people (the great unwashed, not us yellow-dogs) are sick and damn tired of hearing Clinton vs Obama? Nationally, nobody cares much about football till the Super Bowl and nobody much cares about presidential politics till November when McCain has to face whoever wins the Dem slugfest.

The good news is that voters will have real clear choices between candidates and will weigh in loud and clear on this endless war. Like the bumper stickers say, 1-20-2008, End of an Error. What the bumper sticker didn't say, however, is "Unless McCain Wins." Then it's more of the same old same old.

The South Plainsman said...

Remember when diesel was cheaper than gasoline? Just a few short years ago. Then a bunch of additives were mandated for diesel that drove of the price. Probably good, but don't blame the oil companies for that.

Instead, blame them for getting us all hooked on automobiles and trucks to drive around in. Now they have us hooked, and can charge whatever they want. LOL

Anonymous said...

And to think;I sold all my horses.It only took a third of a bale of hay and a bucket of oats a day to keep them operating. No oil or transmission fluid,just new shoes every 60 days times 6. maybe it wasn't so cheap after all.-----------Goose

Anonymous said...

Regarding the 'Debase' er debate,I think that all the thinking people were watching 'King of the Hill' rather than be subjected to the blithering blather of the two 'representatives' of the Democratic party.Maybe the Dems should recruit Bill Marr; there is no doubt about his lunacy, or then they have Al Franken. Nuff sed!
The great 'unwashed'------Goose

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