Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Road kill, lobbyists

Quick: divide $2.79 billion by 535. Why? There are 535 members of congress (100 senators and 435 representatives). And lobby groups spent $2.79 billion last year putting the hustle on them. Biggest spenders were Wall Street, real estate and insurers.

Tell me again how much your vote counts.

Quote of the Day

"There is a dearth of talent on the business side of this industry that is shocking to me. No one goes to Wharton and says, 'I want to run circulation at Knight-Ridder.' The business side has let down the journalistic side of newspapers.... I've got some [unionized ad] salesmen who make $100,000 a year and have no interest in making $120,000" -- Brian Tierney, new owner of the Philadelphia Inquirer, quoted by former New York Times editor Howell Raines at Portfolio.com.

Last week, we discussed media bias and pointed out McCain got a standing O when addressing the American Society of Newspaper Editors. Obama, speaking to the same group, didn’t.

A loose head count revealed publishers stood up. Editors didn’t. It’s labor versus management. Sort of.

Cars kill more amphibians than anything else. Even deer. In what has to be a bad job, biologists from Perdue found 65 animals in the roadkill along an 11-mile stretch of Indiana highway. Nearly 95 percent of the dead were frogs and other water and walking critters. During the 17-month study (17months!), the team collected 10,500 identifiable dead animals. They estimate five times that many died but were squshed beyond recognition. If you’re still with us, they found only four deer, 43 raccoons and 79 possums.

Don't let your kid read this. Poor Thumper. Poor Bambi. And all those Kermits.

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Anonymous said...

There were three squirrels run over on our street last week.I only missed seven. Just kidding!!
It's sad when you realize all that good meat going to waste.-----------Goose

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