Thursday, April 24, 2008

Statistics, growing numbers

Deed restrictions. Not long ago, deed restrictions were aimed at keeping neighborhoods lily white. No blacks. No Mexicans. No Jews. They would have snared me if they had written in “and no one-eyed white guys.”

Guess what the control freaks are trying to prohibit now? Hanging laundry out to dry in the back yard. Surely a clothesline is better for the environment. Consumers think so. The sale of clothespins has jumped 1,000 percent.

Speaking of hanging out dirty laundry, now that one in 10 adult Internet users in the U.S. have blogs. And the temptation is too strong for some divorcing couples. Many just cannot resist writing about the wrongs in their marriage. Some even go so far as to write prohibitions in their post-nup divorce decrees.

I checked myself. In writing nearly 250 posts to this blog, I’ve mentioned the Plaintiff only once. And that was a benign attempt at humor for the high school reunion. Fortunately, I think about other things these days. Hope you do, too. Healthier.

Otis Elevators estimates that it carries the equivalent of the world’s population every five days. If you’re counting, there are eleven billion elevator trips each year in NY City alone. Hurry, more rope! Big rope!

Americans used 410,000 paper cups every 15 minutes. More if your Great Aunt still dips.


Ross said...

In my 'burb -- former ranchland -- we're prevented from having big satellite dishes, raising chickens, and metal roofs.

Anonymous said...

On statics. We all know there are lies, damned lies and statistics. And now there's Hillary.

Anonymous said...

My very good friend. While I am certainly not a writer, and as you know quite well, I was kicked out of the National Honor Society because I made a C in English, I must take exception to your statement on this BLOG. Why would anyone hang out their "dirty laundry"? I thought that hung out laundry had been washed!!!!
Your Good Pal

George Phenix said...

Oops. Got me.

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