Friday, April 4, 2008

Watch your step

Today we go where few dare to read. With reason.

First comes the news that scientists have found evidence that mankind wandered around North America thousands of years earlier than previously thought.

Big woop, you say. But aren’t you the least bit curious how researchers made this discovery? Of course you are.

Human coprolites. There you have it. Fossilized feces. Found ‘em scattered in an Oregon cave. I won’t go into further detail except to wonder out loud if the team entered the cave with that finding as their objective. There are better jobs.

All was going well until the Main Stream Media got their hands on the story. Specifically, the New York Times. Oh, the story was written as tastefully as could be. It’s the graphics ‘twere the culprit.

Ever faithful to “newspaper of record” the photo editor ran a picture of the fossilized feces. The "why" will forever be a mystery. Then they compounded the grievous error with a click-through and these damnable words: “Enlarge this image” adjacent to an icon of a magnifying glass. Enlarge this image? Are you nuts?

Wipe your shoes before you come in.*

OK. Last mention herewith.

Austin, TX, is urging grocers to quit using plastic bags. The city cites clogged landfills, choked wildlife, and such. Instead, they tout reusable bags or recycled paper bags. But phase out the plastic.

Good idea, but there will be consequences. How will pet owners pick up dog poop in the future? Those plastic bags were the working symbol of good pet-owner hygiene. Human, dog, plastic bags equal good citizenship on our block.



Anonymous said...

Nice touch combining the feces of the ancients and today's animals. Thank god we have bathrooms. Never did that picking-up-after-a-dog bit but would image small paper sacks would work as well. True that plastic sacks are a mess. I mentioned the fact that a store was stopping using plastic sacks to a checker at Central Market...and his insane reply: "Well those tree huggers cause a lot of trouble." Bill

Laura Burns said...

Remember my geology prof. at UT talking about a geologist who discovered some new type of coprolites and named them after another geologist he disliked.

Anonymous said...

Had a good friend in hub city who was an amatuer geologist. I had a ring that had lost it's stone and he said he would craft me another stone to fit the ring. I got it back and it was a cross between putrid green and a kind of golden yellow splashes. He said that it was fossilized dinasaur( or how ever you spell it) dung.
I made sure I didn't lick it to clean it.----Goose

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