Sunday, May 25, 2008

Assassination 101

On Fox News this morning at 10:55 am Central Time, Liz Trotta was on talking about Clinton's RFK assassination remark. She said, "And now with what some are taking as a suggestion that someone knock off Osama ... um, Obama." She chuckled at her mistake, then appallingly added "Well, both if we could."

I had to rewind it three times to make sure she said what I thought she said, but it's absolutely crystal clear. "Well, both if we could." In the midst of supposedly chiding Hillary Clinton for calling for the assassination of a major presidential candidate, she longingly wishes for that exact same thing herself.

The reporter did not challenge her.


Updated: Here's the actual video.


The South Plainsman said...

That is incredible. Some people put their mouths in motion without engagiging their brains, if any.

Why in the world any intelligent person would even think about assasinating a public figure in the US is beyond me. Now if someone gets bin Laden in his sights, fire away.

Anonymous said...

I hope all goes well with the pacemaker and the frog giggin' is soon on your outdoor pursuits. Friend of Bob and Veva,

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