Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bloggers as health nuts

Researchers are beginning to wonder if the explosion in the blogosphere (we are 100 million strong and counting) could be health related. Blogging – it’s good for you. So says the Scientific American.

First they give us the morphine drip and now they give us blogs so we can self-medicate. Believe me, blogging in more fun. Therapeutic. Seriously, despite all the surgeries the past few years, when it comes to attitude, I can still get it up. And I give much of the credit to time spent thinking in front of this little computer. For the brain, it’s like the crossword puzzle on steroids. I start the first couple of hours every day with my source materials and my computer. Keeps me grinning while I’m bulking up my brain.

In fairness, the rest of the day, I spend with the Mystery Woman, which makes me laugh even more. Stretches my brain, too. Some would say taxes it.

I recommend you encourage your elderly friends to consider blogging. Try it yourself. Have fun. Nobody’s looking. It’s harder to build readership than you think.

But keep your hands off the Mystery Woman.


Ken Martin said...

Great idea, George, and I hope folks take it to heart.

The beauty of blogging for retirees is that you've got the time. And since bringing structure into days filled with nothing but blanks on the calendar is a challenge, blogging provides a positive outlet to use time constructively.

As for building readership, read as many blogs as you can and post your comments there, with the goal of getting mutual links between your blog and as many others as possible.

I've got to tell you, George, that your writing just keeps getting better. Stay at it.

The South Plainsman said...

I can't write worth a darn, but I occasionally flail at it. Also do some commenting. It keeps the old intellectual juices flowing. I heartily recommend it.

As for the Mystery Woman...dream on. I intend to give her a big hug the very next time I see her.

Anonymous said...

Keep writing, George! You were great in the base case, and you just keep getting better. Besides, we need your vim and vinegar -- adds weight to the cotton candy reporting I see most of the time. -- Denise

Anonymous said...

I incorporate your blog and that of the South Plainsman,because I can't get any body else to talk to me.Oh well;Once a tree then a firelog.------

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