Saturday, May 24, 2008

On a personal note ...

I’m resting in the country with my daughter and son-in-law at their ranch.

There are complications discovered after yesterday's surgery to replace my pacemaker/defibrillator. Not life-threatening but problematical. The fish hook wire from a couple of surgeries back may not be working.

Around dawn next Tuesday, I will meet with the doctor and the technicians who work for the company that makes the device. We hope to figure out what went awry and devise a fix-it strategy. Additional surgery is a real possibility.

The fish-hook wire may never have worked and the older model computer in my chest couldn’t “see” the problem. A false reading of sorts. That means the new battery and new pacemaker are sending signals to nowhere.

Me? I'm bummed but grateful to be alive. I think I’ll go gig some frogs.
(See yesterday’s post.)


Ken Martin said...

George that *is* a bummer.

If the engineers on the ground can patch together junk and tell the Apollo astronauts how to survive the journey home from space, the heart docs oughta be able to figure how how to put your pump on a proper pace here at home.

Hope the docs can fix you up, pronto, and get you back to doing whatever you want to be doing. Whatever it is it beats this jazz.

Anonymous said...

George- I'm praying hard that the problem with your pacemaker will be worked out pronto.
On a lighter side, I have a welder that I could fix the wire if you want. If I can weld rebar,surely I can fix a little wire!!
Hang in there big guy!-- Goose

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