Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Plagiarism every morning

Fresh coffee.

Post-it pad.

Red marks-a-lot.

Now, we’re ready to read the morning newspaper. Actually, I start first since I usually wake up around 6 most mornings. The Mystery Woman enjoys three hours more of beauty sleep. We have two coffee pots for obvious reasons.

No matter, we both thoroughly enjoy the papers. Usually, I’m still reading while she sips her first cup and the front page. This is probably more than you want to know, but we have matching recliners (my god, are we that old?).

Without apology, we interrupt the other’s reading whenever we discover a nugget. “Listen to this,” we laugh, and start reading aloud (yes, it seems we are that old).

Frankly, I don’t fully comprehend how newspapers are losing readership. Surely, we are not the only people who have to have a newspaper fix before the morning is right. But I happened to watch the newspaper delivery guy this week. In our block, he delivered only two newspapers. Both to us.

Keep moving. The best quotes come from politics and sports.

Take this jewel from the NYTimes in a story about Karl Rove’s descendance to Fox News where he actually offers advice to Barack Obama. Here’s the quote: “Wouldn’t taking his advice be a little like getting health tips from a funeral home director?” mused Obama’s press secretary.

The Mystery Woman found this in sports. Fishing season just opened and the Minneapolis Star Tribune ran a story about a local bait shop that was rich in memories of the “breakfast club” which was a group of retired guys who came in mornings to grade minnows and answer the phone, if necessary. Clearly loving his work, the owner grins: “You know those guys in school who were always catching salamanders? They grew up to be bait guys.”

My favorite is NYT piece about GodTube.com, a YouTube knockoff for the evangelical crowd. GodTube offers sermons, theological debates, Christian rap videos and low-budget skits like “See man watching porn get caught by Jesus.” Oops.

No videos from other religions allowed. For those, try JewTube.com or IslamicTube.net. Interestingly, the domain name SatanTube.com is for sale.

The point: without newspapers, most bloggers would have little to say. Obviously.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog--and I wish that I had time to read newspapers. I get
up at 5 a.m., go the gym, and then groom myself for a long day at the
office, beginning between 7:30 and 8 a.m. I do not stop until 6 p.m. or so and am so tired that I cannot read the newspaper. I keep up with
world events by listing to NPR as I dress and watching the "News Hour"
at 7 p.m. on PBS. So, there we have it. People don't read newspapers because they don't have time--because we have a harsh world and economy that forces the average person to work too long and hard during the day to enjoy reading!

The South Plainsman said...

Good post. I don't read papers much. Our local rag is only fit for the bottom of a bird cage, and the Dallas Morning News quit delivering out here a few years ago. So I go to the Internet first thing in the morning. I can get all sides of the news there.

You are right about one thing...without news organizations reporting and writing about things that occur, and printing opinion thereon, the Internet would be left to the loons. I hope the professional organizations can cure their ills and remain in place in an accessible form.

The extra beauty sleep shows.

Anonymous said...

Interesting...I follow the same pattern in the morning...up and bring in the DMN and the NYT and check the baseball teams I work...then see what dumb things the other sports are doing....then the NTY editorial, columnist page...then the news and so forth. I am surprised when I mention something to friends and they have NO clue. BUT they have opinions. Bill

Anonymous said...

You continue to shock me!! I didn't know that the New York Times was an actual NEWSPAPER!
Will wonders never cease.
Our own Star Telegram is the best nespaper between Grand Prairie and Weatherford. I read Lubbock on line every night to see if the South Plainsman is in jail for something, but apparently he's too nice a guy!Rats! He's no fun at all. ------Goose

The South Plainsman said...

Goose, age takes care of a lot of things the preachers like to take credit for.

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