Thursday, May 22, 2008

Potomac Fever

“I don’t consider Senator Clinton a victim. Her arm is so limber from the mud she had lobbed during her political career that, now that the whole president thing is doubtful, she may have a future as the first woman to pitch for the Yankees.” By Peggy Orenstein in the Sunday NY Times Magazine.

This woman bears watching: Sarah Palin, GOP Governor of Alaska, is known as a reformer, riding her motorcycle and refers to her husband as “First Dude.”

“It didn’t help that their (GOP leaders) recent stab at an Obamaesque national Congressional campaign slogan, ‘The Change You Deserve,’ was humiliatingly identified as the advertising pitch for the anti-depressant Effexor. (If they are going to go the pharmaceutical route, ‘Viva Viagra might be more to the point.’” Writes Frank Rich, in the Sunday NYTimes.

Barack Obama is worth millions, mostly from the sale of his books. His first, “Dreams From My Father” was written nearly 20 years ago. And he missed his deadline but his agent got him another contract – and a $40,000 advance. Some think he writes so well that he could – or should -- quit his day job.

In politics as in real life, not just any paper shredder will do. You need a cross-cutter. We know this because Wikipedia tells us after the Iranian revolution, carpet weavers were brought in to rebuild papers from the U.S. embassy. Proof? The Iranian government published the reconstituted papers.


Sharon said...

Sarah Palin, really? Her choices for Alaskan environmental issues sometimes seem to be almost an exact reflection of all the horrible choices made by the current administration.

"Who needs Polar Bears?" could be her matra.

The South Plainsman said...

Alaska has an entirely different culture than the rest of the US. Their elected officials on both sides often are very hard to classify. What most of them do understand is that drilling for oil and gas up there is not going to harm the polar bears. They should know.

Whatever happened to burning the embassy papers when attacked? Surely there was a fireplace somewhere in the embassy. Speaking of which: we wouldn't have needed to worry about that if we had had a lion in the White House instead of a rabbit.

The Whinging Geezer said...

Even cross-cut shredders aren't secure enough because cross-cut can be reassembled. If you really want to protect yourself, get micro-cut shredder. You end up with something similar to paper dust. I have a cross-cut languishing on the garage because I now bring all my personal papers to work, where we have a micro-cut shredder. There is absolutely no way any of THAT could be put back together.

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