Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Prius blacklisted in Hollywood?

Do movie directors pander to their base just like politicians?
Consider the car.

The Prius could never play "Bullitt." Perhaps, with judiciously placed decals, it could be a stand-in for the yellow VW bus in "Little Miss Sunshine." The car has no sex appeal. Even with divine intervention when God drove a Prius in "Evan Almighty" lightning did not strike. The hybrid did not become a star.

Check out the current movies. Do you see a Prius in "Speed Racer?" Or "Indiana Jones?" The fleet of Mini Coopers in "The Italian Job" could never be replaced with the hybrid.

Cue the Crown Victoria. It seems to be the director’s choice, perhaps because it can go both ways as cop car or taxi. If you want to know more...

Wait. While you are filling your beloved gas hog, know this: Emile Hirsch, the driver in "Speed Racer" prefers a Prius in real life. Ditto Cameron Diaz, etc. etc. It says something that the stars drive ‘em but the directors don’t much want hybrids in their films. Again with the pandering.

Interestingly, in "The Nines," every car (except squad) was a Prius. The indy grossed just $63,000.

Meanwhile, the Toyota Prius continues its reign as the world’s number one best selling hybrid. Toyota doesn’t need the help.

The planet does.


The South Plainsman said...

My thought is that Hollywood's "base" is clearly the far left, which should be in favor of the Prius Hybrid. But who knows?

From their movies, it is clear that they have blacklisted everyone in the US that votes in the center or to the right.

That's OK. I just get good movies from the past from Netflix, and save the $30 apiece for going to the theater. And I get to watch good movies, as well. Night before last my bride and I watched the old Hitchcock thriller "Dial 'M' for Murder." Very good. The "new" Hollywood can't come close.

Ken Martin said...

Sex appeal is like most other things in the eye of the beholder, so don't count the Prius out on that score entirely. The VW bus didn't have any either, looked like a breadbox on wheels, but I bought one new in 1973 and loved it, even if couldn't top 45mph going uphill in the Catskills while loaded down with Boy Scouts.

The fleet of Mini Coopers in The Italian Job got the role mainly because the entire fleet you saw in the movie and lots of spares were provided totally free by the carmaker just for the publicity, which no doubt paid off handsomely in sales. Lots of other makes wish they'd have made that deal, I'm sure.

Indiana Jones could make a donkey cart ride seem exciting and Harrison Ford and his stuntmen must've jumped on, fought on, and fallen off of practically anything that moves. And get this, Ford is back with yet another Indiana Jones movie. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is scheduled for release May 22, according to Not bad for an actor born July 13, 1942, a genuine blogofages geezer, wouldn't you say?

I'm not sure what you mean by "pandering" when you say directors don't want a Prius in their films. Aside from the fact they can get free cars from probably just about any carmaker, I suppose directors use vehicles that fit the plot. As you say, in Bullitt, Steve McQueen absolutely has to have a genuine hot rod. And in Little Miss Sunshine you needed a van that would haul the whole family and the corpse.

As for the planet, I agree, Go Prius!

Anonymous said...

Actually, Toyota could use some help; read this:

Anonymous said...

Are there too many people buying into the global warming hype or what??
I'm for anything that gets me where I want to go, as quickly as possible. I don't believe for a minute that my 2007 Ford Pickup has caused one bird or butterfly to die from its exhaust.Maybe after I hit them on the road,but I don't carry around a little tiny oxygen tank or a little tiny defibrullator( so I can't spell defibrilator, give me some oxygen)
to rescue the tiny creatures.--------- Goose

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