Friday, May 16, 2008

Saddle up

First you get horses, then you get trousers. Such is the claim made in “The Horse” exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History. Westerner state people already know Cortes credits the horse to his conquest of Mexico. Ditto the Mongols. Centaurs, perhaps. Cave art, definitely. Owners will tell you each horse contributes 45 pounds of manure daily and 2 gallons of urine. Horse hair was used to make the first bows for violins. And actor Ward Bond gave the best on-screen whinny, in my opinion. Enough.

Quick. Name the three work zones still considered sexist. Congratulations if you said science, engineering and technology. Sadly true. That’s according to a recent study which will be published in the Harvard Business Review in June. The hard hat culture, the lab coat culture and the geek culture all exhibit the worst of the macho culture – predatory, demeaning and discriminatory practices that drives women out of these professions. Ph.D women.

Is your dog fat? Could be because you have no way of knowing the calorie load in Fido’s dish. But a group of veterinarians has recommended the FDA so label pet food. Dunno why. Similar labels for humans rarely work.

Obit: Richard Pratt Prunty of New York City. Erudite, sesquipedalian, ebullient, chaetophorous, neo-luddite bibliophile – above all, beloved father, brother and friend. Left to look up their own words, his children …


Anonymous said...

And my gradndaughter is saving to buy a horse. Bill

Anonymous said...

Back when,I owned 6 horses.One each for me,mama,and the 4 kids.
A friend a church asked if he could come out and get some horse manure for his garden.I told him to help himself,I get a fresh shipment every day.
By the way don't use horse manure in your flower beds!It's too hot, as is chicken manure.
I can't believe I made it through all that without some wisecrack about liberals.-----Goose

Anonymous said...

Now about the dogs. My baby Doberman is 14 months and weighs 111 lbs and stands 32 1/2 inches tall at the shoulder. My wife and daughter-in-law decided he was fat so the DIL went to a vet and came back with a bag of duck and rice pellets that cost $56.00 for a 20 lb. bag. And she had to get a prescription from the vet for it.
I told my wife"That dog better go out and get a job!!"----Goose

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