Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Smoking, sex and all that jazz

Movies. If you buy tickets online, check out the poll on www.fandango.com which lists tickets for “Sex and the City” at 14 percent of sales – ahead of “Indiana Jones” at 11 percent. Furthermore, the sale of group tickets is strong for “Sex.” Chic lit?

Talking dirty. When in rut, the bull walrus sings. For days. He sounds like a circus, a construction site, a Road Runner cartoon. He will whistle, beep, rasp, bark and knock. Bell tones, jackhammer drills,train-track clatter and the rubber-band boing! Of Wile E.Coyote getting bonked on the head. OK, OK. I got it.

More music. A d.j. once mused about how he thought Thelonious Monk created art out of the “wrong notes.” Monk, not known for being talkative, called the station and declared, “The piano ain’t got no wrong notes.” Not while he was playing.

Segue into smoking. Trying to quit? Eighty percent of those trying to quit on their own relapse within three months. Tobacco addiction is a chronic disease. Mayo Clinic recommends help from these sites: www.becomeanex.org, www.quitnow.com and www.naquitline.org. Good luck.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I quit the cigarettes about 4 years ago after a mild heart attack. I just puff on a cigar now and then.
I took some Fuentes to the reunion and offered some of my friends one.The all turned me down,even the South Plainsman.
I don't puff on them all that much now, but at least they're not getting in my lungs.(I don't think). --------Goose

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