Friday, May 23, 2008

Some frog missed his calling

Today’s surgery to replace my pacemaker/defibrillator battery is considered to be minor. Only 30 minutes on the operating table, a few hours in recovery and Bob’s your uncle.

(Where the hell did that expression come from?)

The only tricky part is when they stop my heart so they can determine whether the defibrillator works.

Frankly, I would prefer they test it on a frog.


Ross said...

You're probably some sort of hero wherever frogs gather.

And, there's a website for everything:'s_your_uncle

The South Plainsman said...

I know frogs, and you're no frog!

Waiting to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but you know frogs have been disappearing...probably leaving the country because of the procedure. That stopping the heart bit is humbling. I guess they took ours out when they did the by-pass. Enjoy yourself. Bill

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