Monday, May 5, 2008

Tofu can't talk

A Swiss ethics panel is exploring the dignity of plants. Although you've never heard an asparagus scream, watch for the plants’ rights movement to be the next in thing. Repeat after me: tofu has no dignity, thus no rights. Decaf neither.

How serious are they about fishing in Minnesota? Well, opening day is Saturday. No matter there is still ice on some northern lakes. Not a little bit of ice. Fourteen to twenty inches of ice. It was a long, cold winter. But walleye tastes so good.

The First Lady of the Locker Room: Miss Mary Garber will be inducted into the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association today. A pioneer, a legend. The 92-year-old is also the inspiration for the Women in Sports Media annual Mary Garber Pioneer award. Lots of old guys in the Winston-Salem area still carry her clippings in their wallets. “She was a smart lady who worked,” says a longtime admirer. Clink.

TSA is working with Continental Airlines to test electronic boarding passes – using a bar code in your cell phone. That does not excuse allowing the jerk seated next to me to make in-flight cell phone calls.

Looking to start a new business? Think travel agent and target the 304,000 immigrants behind bars in the U.S. awaiting deportation. That’s ten percent of the overall prison population and represents a $2 billion annual market. Problem awaiting a solution.

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The South Plainsman said...

The 304,000 illegals in jail awaiting deportation is a drop in the bucket. How many jails would we have to build to hold the 12-18 MILLION that are estimated to be in the US?

The misguided folks that want to have them all deported are living a pipe dream. Can't be done.

A good program to weed out the criminals and provide a possible path to eventual citizenship for the good folks is going to be the only reasonable answer.

Of course, the border must be reasonably secured first...not an easy job.

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