Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ballpoints, Bluetooth and Indians

Invention of the ballpoint pen made technology portable. The idea had been around more than 50 years before they got it right. Initially, the ballpoint was so crude it’s primary use was for writing on leather or cloth. The first ballpoints in America sold for $12.50 in 1945. That’s about $150 in today’s money. The pens were immediate sensations. One New York store sold 8,000 the first day. Amazing, people standing in line to be the first to get the new technology. For me, it’s been downhill ever since. The ballpoint pen was the last technology I mastered. My children think I must be Amish.

Touted in an article about Jewish foods: He’Brew, the chosen beer.

A guy in a bar told me that the new hearing aids are so advanced they are Bluetooth compatible. Honey, what’s a Bluetooth?

Comanches evolved into the “Spartans of the Plains” once they got on a horse. And they had plenty. Historians estimate the Indians had 120,000 in their herds plus access to millions more running wild. Their informal empire called Comancheria dominated Texas, New Mexico, parts of Louisiana and northern Mexico. It was territory made fierce by the collision with westward U.S. expansion.

Humans claim to have invented agriculture about 10,000 years ago. And it spread across the world, followed by great imperial conquests during the last 800-900 years. That’s a lot of togetherness. So how come we still speak about 7,000 different languages? Don’t tell me your wife doesn’t understand you. Tell him. Bartender.


Anonymous said...

T.R. Farenbach called the Comanches the finest light cavalry the world has known...Dan

Anonymous said...

My Cherokee Grandma can whip your Comanche Grandpa any day of the week.And she rides a buffalo.
The reason there are so many different languages goes back to a place called The Tower Of Babel -------Goose

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