Monday, June 16, 2008

Fifteen stadiums

If you could bus in all the centenarians living in the U.S., they would enjoy the trip and would fill the 85,000 football stadium at Stanford. By the year 2050, as baby boomers ripen, you would need 15 such stadiums. Boomers again. Getting on.

Ed McMahon’s publicist, Howard Bragman, says there’s a misconception about all the millions celebrities make. The money dwindles fast after they pay agents, managers, lawyers, publicists and the IRS. Next thing you know, Mr. Bragman says, you take $20,000 per month.” Net or gross?

Ruby, unfortunately, is no longer with us. Cancer. She was a therapy chicken and was awarded the ASPCA Trooper Award for Animal Heroism. The award is given annually to animals that have demonstrated outstanding commitment to furthering the human-animal bond. Learn more.

The Twin Cities Animal Humane Society is over-run with rats. More than 400 abandoned rats this year. Want one? Allegedly, they make good pets but are not good companions for your snakes. See "food chain."

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