Monday, June 9, 2008

Honk if you're feeling frisky

Six buck gasoline. It's coming and that changes everything. Not counting WWII, has America ever faced such massive changes to our culture so fast? We are on the leading edge of a new way of life. Sociologists will point to this summer of stay-at-home love as the start of the Second Baby Boom.

Six buck gasoline. Road rage redefined.

Six buck gasoline. Go ahead. Try to convince me the oil companies aren't making billions and billions from this mess. Just try.

Six buck gasoline. I call BS. You, too?

Congratulate yourself if you guessed there are more than four million miles of paved roads in the U.S. And 93% are covered with asphalt. According to Wired Magazine, you’re never more than 22 miles from a stretch of blacktop (Alaska and Louisiana excluded).

Get ready. There’s a car coming that will determine if you are too old to be driving by monitoring heart rate, vision, alertness and such. The “Aware Car”is being developed at MIT’s AgeLab. Hope they also measure whether you are too young. The youngest drivers (age 16-24) are most likely to be involved in a fatal crash. But we’re next (ages 65-74).

Who doesn’t like electric cars and hybrids? Children, old people, blind people, that’s who. They don’t hear the new-fangled autos coming and are getting mowed down. So researchers are developing speakers for each wheel well with noise that sounds like, well, like a car motor running. You can bet Friday’s paycheck that it won’t be long before they get pimped out.


Ken Martin said...

Go, George! You're hitting on all cylinders.

George Phenix said...

The oil companies are making obscene profit. Shameful.

The South Plainsman said...

As an old fogey, I prefer my cars plain, with airconditioning. Don't need or want any of the other stuff. Wish I still had the one I had in 1961 that got 42 mpg on the highway, with 25 cent gas. Stick shift with overdrive. But for the emissions controls, they could still make them.

As for oil company profits, reduce the profit by not buying their product. That will show them.

Anonymous said...

four dollar a gallon gasoline certainly give me Prius envy.

Anonymous said...

For starters ,let's switch with the government and their tax setup.
Let the government have what the oil companies make and let the oil companies get what the government gets in taxes on oil. The government would probably raise what they are getting to a proportionate rate that they are now getting. Then we can pay $12.00 per gallon.
Maxine Watters threat of the government taking over the oil industry is a pure Marxist idea. I say let's all burn our carburetors like the old bra burning days.----------Goose

Anonymous said...

In case you haven't guessed,'Marxist' is the word for the week.--- Goose

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