Friday, June 20, 2008

Pay attention

Have you heard this? Nature is filled with geometric designs. But the square shape belongs only to mankind. Every other design can be found in nature. Credit: Bucky Fuller.

Multitasking – it’s a myth. Research shows “Workers distracted by e-mail and phone calls suffer a fall in IQ more than twice that found in marijuana smokers.” That’s serious, dude.

Buy plastics. That was the advice in “The Graduate.” Turned out to be true, too. If the movie were made today, the advice would be “buy cement.” Because China is adding a one to one and half Los Angeles worth of city every year. Every year!

Why so many smart people from China and India? They want it more. Ask kids in India what they want to be when they grow up and you’ll get engineer, scientist, doctor. Guess which nation’s students reply with movie star, football player, singer. They get an edge early. Chinese students, for example, study an average of 583,200 minutes over the course of high school. Indian students follow with 422,400 and U.S. students bring up the rear with 302,400. Tick, tick, tick.

E-mail is now considered to be old school. Instant messages, ditto. They’ve been replaced by text messaging, blogging and social networking. Research shows that’s what today’s young adults prefer. OMG. I got a cell phone only a couple of months ago.


The South Plainsman said...

The problem with cell phones is that they are not just phones. You can't buy one that is just a telephone. There is a mind boggling host of other functions, and the kids can use them all.

Us geezers, of course, have our problems with anything but the phone function. I finally figured out how to save my phone list on the darn thing, but then stopped. That was all I needed. Until the other night.

A late night storm knocked out our electrical supply, and I had an early morning appointment. Alarm clock? It occurred to me that my cell phone might be one. It was! A few minutes fooling with it in the candlelight and I figured out how to do it. And it worked! I felt like I had graduated or something.

Escaped Waco Alive said...

Friends and neighbors, I thought technology should have stopped when it reached its zenith with the IBM Selectric II. Now I can't live without my iPhone. Saving up for my MacBook Air. Can carry the damn thing everywhere. (I have a 17" MacBook Pro...heavy sucker but powerful. Too big to haul around like a Reporter's Notebook. But I could do that with the MacBook Air.) Of course, I'm still upset they don't make the Blackwing 602 pencil anymore (finest ever made). Oh, you know how to tell if a computer's owned by an Aggie? Liquid Paper all over the screen. (Old joke. I wonder if my students even know what Liquid Paper is.)

Max Fischer said...

thanks to text messaging, it's gotten much easier to express feelings in a passive-agressive manner. My 13-yr-old daughter was asked out by a boy that she never spoke with via text message. She asked for my advice on how to handle it and I told her to walk right up to the little skally-wagger and tell him that she got his text and couldn't remember what the question was. Turns out the kid didn't have the stones to look her in the eye and ask (and no, he didn't text the wrong number!).

Also, my niece (21) was full-on "in love" with guy that she had been with for nearly 5 years. They broke up. He sent her a text message with the news.

Good lord.

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