Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Root beer and rabbits

Do maple baseball bats shatter more than others? Professional baseball wants to know and has commissioned a study. Bat makers must carry $1 million in insurance but officials worry for fan safety. More netting could be one answer. Oddly, there is no uniform code for netting behind the plate. Maple bats cost $65 each; ash sells for $40.

Noooo. The Orange County Register is out-sourcing some editing and page layout duties to an outfit in New Delhi. Institutional memory is withering. Local memory, too. And just wait until they have to talk with tech support. File this under dumb.

Maybe it is because we live only six blocks from the Mississippi, but we have bunny rabbits. Rabbits being rabbits, there are several. Hope Jimmy Carter was wrong.

If you go to Mexico, drink their version of Coca-Cola. It’s better than ours because they use cane sugar rather than the industrial sweetener in the U.S. version. If you want to have some fun with root beer, read noted wine critic Eric Asimov’s piece. Discover why he writes: “We don’t need no stinking frosty mugs.”

Today’s blog is coming to you from our screened porch in Minneapolis. Sun-up starts with coffee, classical music, newspapers and a front seat view of the neighborhood tapestry as it cinches up for the day ahead.
File this under lucky.


Ken Martin said...

I certainly agree that outsourcing copy editing and layout to India is d-u-m-b. Still, I figure its a response to the ever-shrinking advertising revenue and withering circulation of newspapers.

The McClatchy Company, the third-largest newspaper publisher in this country with about 30 daily newspapers and 50 non-dailies, on June 18 announced its restructuring plan to reduce its workforce by 10 percent, about 1,400 full-time positions. (See the press release at

As editor and co-owner of The Good Life magazine, I have to wonder, where do local magazines fit within the future of publishing?

Anonymous said...

Mexico Coca Cola and Dublin, Tx. Dr Pepper. Dublin is the only plant
that still uses the pure stuff. Dan

Anonymous said...

George- you have life too easy. My mornings start with a fight between me and my Doberman over the pillow that somehow wound up on the floor beside the bed. Then I get up to get me and the spouse some coffee,provided I set the timer right the night before. Then it's outdoors on the patio to puff on a cigar and fight the Doberman over a piece of toast. Then if I'm lucky,I get dressed for the day and listen to some CONSERVATIVE talk radio.I know you can't listen to a liberal talk show since liberals have a problem of getting anyone who can speak with any degree of intelligence for 5 minutes (dig,dig,dig,)-- Goose

Anonymous said...

Who ever heard of an A&W root beer float without a frosted mug?

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