Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bottoms up

If you’re over 60, you’ll remember, in a ridiculous episode of “Happy Days” when The Fonz water-skied over a shark. And “jump the shark” became part of our language meaning something that was just dumb. The budding new phrase is “nuke the fridge” and it comes from the latest Indiana Jones movie wherein our hero survived an A-bomb blast by hiding in a fridge. It was pretty ripe.

Pirate Bay is a Swedish on-line operation that is completely fearless. The self-proclaimed “anticopyright organization” offers music, movies, television shows, software and e-books despite threats of lawsuits from heavyweights like Microsoft, DreamWorks, Apple, etc.

College textbooks cost too much. “Organic Chemistry” goes for $209.95 new and around $110 used. Downloads are coming. Fast. But the subscription prices remain up there.

The closing line in the new book, “Drink” by Iian Gately might come in handy this evening: "Salud, Kan pei, Chin-chin, Prost, Yum sing, Skol, Slainte, À votre santé, Na zdrowie, The king o'er the water, or just plain Cheers!"

Serious golfers know that the first round was played on the FrittonGolf Club course in 1895. During WWII, the British planted mines on the fairways and greens to defend against a possible German invasion. Talk about a handicap.


Jeff Hebert said...

The guy who coined "Jump the shark", and who started JumpTheShark.com, later went to work for the Howard Stern Show. He kept the site updated, and a couple of years ago got bought out by TVGuide for millions. All from a couple of drunk college guys making fun of a Fifties TV show.

What a world.

s.l.d. said...

College text books simply do not have to be so expensive.

I remember when a big book retailer bought out my campus bookstore prices went up dramatically. Also, the money we could hope to receive by reselling our used books twindled, because we had brand new textbooks every year.

The information in Humanities courses could not have changed that often!

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