Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Daylilies and buffalo

You know how people who can carry a tune will sometimes spontaneously burst into song? Well, the Mystery Woman suffers from the same affliction. Only she bursts into reading. To me. Out loud.

We were on the porch enjoying a glass of wine after dinner when the talk turned to daylilies. I confess my mind wandered. Suddenly, her voice pitched upward. With a flourish I had not heard this week, she officially pronounced that “rare indeed is the daylily that is so distinctive it needs no label.”

Where did that come from, you might ask. So did I. Triumphantly, the Mystery Woman flashed the book cover “Daylilies, the Beginners Handbook.” And she plowed ahead, turning up the next nugget: “As of this writing it must be reported that the perfect garden marker has yet to be invented.” Indeed.

For the record, the Mystery Woman insists she is no daylily novice. "I've been to the arboretum workshop," she toots.

Life is like that with the Mystery Woman. Another glass of wine, dear?

On yet another day, while we were perfectly sober, she gathered me and her 87-year-old mother and five-year-old Dachshund for a drive to visit the buffalo. I didn’t know they were lonesome.

Dodging the thunderstorms roaming the area (you see the buffalo influence), we drove about half an hour from the Twin Cities where 25 buffalo yearlings were about to be reintroduced to a prairie restoration project. We found a good vantage point along the fence and watched the truck and trailer maneuver into position near us.

When the trailer doors opened, the young buffalo thundered into the tall grass – and immediately raced to the opposite corner of the acreage away from all of us. For a while there, I was afraid we would see only buffalo butts as they roamed (that influence again) far afield from us gawkers. But finally, the herd ran past us, shaking the ground as they passed. A crowd of more than 200 people gathered to watch this noble effort unfold. Nice.

My daughter understands this new cultural awareness being thrust upon me. My kid thinks the Mystery Woman is a good influence, so she merely smiles and sends one more case of wine from Texas via FedEx.

Another glass of wine, dear?


Anonymous said...

Wonderful posting, George. I wouldn't be surprised if Buffalo are somehow roaming on the range in Bertram some time soon... Denise

Ken Martin said...

This post reminds me of the wonderful herds of buffalo that thundered through the movie Dancing With Wolves. Good stuff, George.

Ross said...

There was a great line in Dances with Wolves when a couple of characters came upon a Prairie Schooner with the horses long gone and the body of the driver slumped over with an arrow sticking out. "Somebody back home wonders why he don't write," said one of the observers. At least George writes...

Anonymous said...

Back when I sipped a little sauce, a friend and I went to a livestock auction and for some reason we left the proud owners of two buffalo. We took them to his little place out side the Hub City and put them in a small fenced off area.
The next morning the two fuzz heads had knocked over a chicken house,killed two turkeys,and were wearing the fence for hats.
We decided the buffalo business was best left to people who had large steel pipe fences.---Goose

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