Thursday, July 10, 2008

Long necks and long rifles

By the year 2010, some two billion people will be speaking or learning English. And native speakers will number only 15 percent. Already, most conversations in English are between non-native speakers. And this is causing the language to change. Fast. Greatest pressure is coming from China, where millions are learning to speak English. Hope their vocabulary lesson does not include: “Hands up.”

It can be argued that, when it comes to sharks, Steven Spielberg is a sexist. Consultants told him the anti-hero in Jaws was too big to be a male and should be re-cast as a female. But noooo.

Oddly, the best shooters in today’s U.S. Army rarely draw a bead on the enemy. Most of the sharpshooters are recruited, instead, for the Army Marksmanship Unit. Organized in 1956 to serve as symbol of America’s military might, the unit is today a PR and recruiting team with 21 Olympic medals. However, our men and women say they are ready to serve in combat if the brass says go. And some have.

Back in 1801, French naturalist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck believed giraffes got their long necks by wanting or needing them. He is still ridiculed today in some quarters. Even after Darwin said that theory was not inaccurate enough to be wrong.

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Anonymous said...

Darwin is one of the major causes of people not believing God. They may think they are Christians and may expound on a subject that boils over to cover both theories.
here have been enough studies that confirm the big bang theory.The big bang theory is sometimes a compromise. --------Goose

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