Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday helpers

Ever hear of Roald Bradstock? In addition to being a javelin thrower, he’s also a performance artist who claims the record for tossing a fish across state lines. He owns other records as well: one-handed throw of a soccer ball for 82 yards, another one-handed throw of a golf ball for 118 yards, a cell phone 132 yards, a soft-boiled egg 118 yards and his iPod 154 yards. His life motto: “Throw it and they will come.”

The Omaha Hummer Owners Group is known as Omahog. And you can bet they are squealing about gasoline prices. Sorry. It was too easy.

File this under Duh. One reason passenger trains are more successful in Europe? Europe is smaller. Much.

Radio talk show giant Rush Limbaugh has five houses on his south Florida property. The big house is 24,000 square feet. GOP consultant Mary Maalin describes the house as “aspirational.” So is his $54 million Gulfstream. Limbaugh is the cover story of the Sunday NY Times Magazine. You either love him or hate him—I certainly do.

Several times every day, Earth is bumped hard by stuff from space that is about the size of basketballs.. Twice a year, we get hit by the bigger things about the size of a VW. Still not worried? NASA has mapped more than 5,000 objects that are up there and nearby. Run!


Anonymous said...

Regarding rail travel in Europe. I recall during the 1980's there was a big push to get high speed rail service in Texas. Dallas/Ft.Worth,Austin,San Antonio and Houston would be served. The project got bogged down over real estate, and who would build the service...the Germans or the French. Oh well, given the hassle of air travel in Texas, wouldn't be nice to have high speed rail now?

George Phenix said...

When I worked for Cong. Pickle in the early 1970's, we came up with a plan to fund three international routes: Vancouver, Montreal and Laredo. Pickle got it passed through both Houses and we had rail service for a while. But that's history now.

Too bad.

Ken Martin said...

I didn't see the Times Magazine article on Limbaugh but I did spot an item on the biz pages recently in our local daily, which reported that he just signed a $400 million, eight-year contract that included a $100 million signing bonus, then $38 million a year. Like I'm always saying, he's an entertainer and he obviously has a big audience for the drivel he spews. If that info wasn't in the magazine article it's probably because they went to press before that news broke.

George Phenix said...

Karl Rove calls Limbaugh a force multiplier in politics and public opinion.

Hmmm. Karl Rove and Rush Limbaugh. Two of the meanest, most divisive influences in America today.

Anonymous said...

If you libs can't be nice, continue being nothing at all. Isn't that what Thumpers mother said???
---- Goose

George Phenix said...

Norman Rockwell. Nice. Patriot. Liberal.

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